WildIcon I prefer sweet kisses over pranks

(Halloween 2017 Scout) Issei Todoroki LE

(Halloween 2017 Scout) Issei Todoroki GR



Shit, I can't tie these bandages at all...! Don't laugh, help me instead!


Clumsy mummy
Wild increase skill When Stamina reaches 50%(Lv.1) / 68%(Lv.10) or less, WILD is increased by x1.7!

(Percentage +2 per Skill Lv. Up)

Moonlight Wild Wolf
Lancelot Each MISS has a 70% Chance of being disregarded!

(Activates when all Lancelot members are on the team and this card is the Leader)

Un-idolized Initial
WildIcon 6,551 PopIcon 5,511 CoolIcon 5,528
Max Lv.
WildIcon 7,530 PopIcon 6,757 CoolIcon 6,774
Idolized Initial
WildIcon PopIcon CoolIcon
Max Lv.
WildIcon 14,417 PopIcon 12,102 CoolIcon 11,864
Etoile +5
WildIcon 16,635 PopIcon 13,963 CoolIcon 13,689

How to acquireEdit

Issei Todoroki