Alchemist logo
Alchemists that play violent rock music!
Rock x Heel wild songs
Name Alchemist
Pronounced as Alchemist
Music Genre Rock x Heel music
Artist 小島 きいち (Kojima Kiichi)
Leader Kuro Yakaku
Member Saku Uruha
Member Baber
Manager UJ

Heel legion filled with black flames!
Underground Idols performing intense rock music. They are a bit different from the other I-Chu’s and look down on them… It seems they have some kind of connection with the producer.

Alchemist was released on 9/27/16.

Songs Edit

Never Over Dennou Matrix Kanashii ame ZOKU ZOKU sasete
We are ICHU Alchemist ...& ALL! Sweet♥Mid♥Nightmare SAVIOR
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