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Game start and clearing the cache Edit

Start screen

This is the start screen.

Red button

If you click on the red button in the top left of the start screen you will see a popup.
The popup asks you if you want to perform a cache clear. The only thing that happens if you clear the cache is, that the stories you have downloaded (i.e affection stories), and songs will be deleted.
It won't restart your game or delete your cards or progress. If you want to play the songs, get the voices back or read the stories at a later date again you have to re-download them.

Blue button

If you tap on the blue button a different popup will show up. It will ask you if you want to restore all the stories you have unlocked at once.

Download Edit

When you download the game and start it for the first time this will be the first screen you see. It can sometimes happen that your game somehow overwrites the data, then you will see this screen too. That's why it is very important to always issue a new transfer code.
Another screen will pop up if you click "Data Transfer".

Tutorial Edit

If you start a new game you have to play the tutorial first. It's pretty straightforward. At one point you need to type in your name, and birthday. After you filled in your birthday you need to confirm it. The tutorial shows you the basics of the game like how to play the lives, scout, idolize or level your cards up.

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