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"I'm a man who came from a foreign country... A simple man, okay?"
• Characteristics•
Gender ♂ Male
Age 35
Blood Type AB
Birthday November 8th
Height 171 cm
Weight 49 kg
• Professional Information•
Unit MG9 Logo
Position Manager of RE:BERSERK
Part-time teacher
• Portrayal•
CV Masatomo Nakazawa
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Christopher (クリストファー) is one of the characters in I-Chu. He is a part of the Manager Unit MG9 and the manager for RE:BERSERK.

Profile Description Edit

RE:BERSERK's manager. An extraordinary lecturer and composer who doesn't know what country he came from. It is rumored that he was the third prince in his country and was driven away due to political speculation. He has experience with various instruments from different countries and also knows a lot of trivia. He really loves Japan, which he often shows with a cute smile like a child's. His nickname is ''Chris''.

Personality Edit

Appearance Edit

Character Lines
Scout and Idolizing
Scout Well, well, to think I would meet such an adorable lady today. File:Christopher Scout.ogg
Idolizing File:Christopher Idolize.ogg
Regular Nice to meet you, Japanese Lady. My name is Christopher. File:Christopher Home Reg1.ogg
Leave everything about instruments to me. I shall take care of I♥B's instruments as well. File:Christopher Home Reg2.ogg
So Baber-sama is Eva-sama's little brother. I understand, they do have the same eye color. File:Christopher Home Reg3.ogg
Jumonji-sama, it is lunch time. Eat to your heart's content. File:Christopher Home Reg4.ogg
Eva-sama, leave the next management to me. File:Christopher Home Reg5.ogg
Black Magic. I have once meddled with it. Here-- File:Christopher Home Reg6.ogg
When Eva-sama is doing photoshoots, I take care of Sammy-sama. File:Christopher Home Reg7.ogg
Airu-san, I can take care of your jacket if you want. Ah... He ran away. File:Christopher Home Reg8.ogg
I look like a prince? That's troublesome... Eva-sama is more princely than me. File:Christopher Home Reg9.ogg
Croquettes, Nikujaga, Natto! Japanese cuisine is full of delicious food, I love it! File:Christopher Home Reg10.ogg
File:Christopher Home Reg11.ogg
An event is being held. Give me your hand, Lady.
The event has ended. Thank you for your hard work.
Good morning. I have prepared a morning coffee for you.
Good afternoon. Today's lunch is your favorite food.
Good evening. As it is dangerous for a lady to walk alone, I shall accompany you.
Good night. Fufu. Do you need to... sleep together?
January Returning home... since my birthplace is far away, I shall be spending New Years in Japan. File:Christopher Home Jan1.ogg
Happy New Year. Japan's lively New Years is very lovely. File:Christopher Home Jan2.ogg
February When I look at Japan's snow, inspiring words come to mind. File:Christopher Home Feb1.ogg
Is this chocolate manjuu? It looks rather delicious. I shall partake in it. File:Christopher Home Feb2.ogg
March Is this the so-called hina arare?[1] monch... mhm! It's delicious! File:Christopher Home Mar1.ogg
July Every day is rather hot. Please take care of yourself. File:Christopher Home Jul1.ogg
File:Christopher Home Jul2.ogg
August I will protect RE:BERSERK from the intense heat! File:Christopher Home Aug1.ogg
File:Christopher Home Aug2.ogg
September Jumonji-sama, even though you're having the autumn appetite, eating so many dishes is a bit.... File:Christopher Home Sep1.ogg
File:Christopher Home Sep2.ogg
October All of your costumes suit you perfectly! I'll give you some candy. File:Christopher Home Oct1.ogg
Halloween fits RE:BERSERK's atmosphere perfectly! File:Christopher Home Oct2.ogg
November I like autumn. You'll be able to visit several hot springs. File:Christopher Home Nov1.ogg
File:Christopher Home Nov2.ogg
December Speaking of Christmas instruments, I happen to own a sleigh bell. Shall I play it for you? File:Christopher Home Dec1.ogg
Merry Christmas. Let us have a lovely Christmas together. File:Christopher Home Dec2.ogg
The different countdowns each country has are truly enjoyable. File:Christopher Home Dec3.ogg

Notes Edit

  1. Cake sweets made of rice flour
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