• This is a list of things that need to be done on the wiki, feel free to help out.
  • For more info on which cg's are missing and how to add them please take a look here.
  • If you have any problems, questions or other suggestions feel free to contact an admin.
  • If you are unsure on how to format a page, contact an admin as well.
  • If you get a translation from somewhere else, like tumblr or twitter, please ask if it's okay to put the translation on the wiki, and make sure you link the translation as source.
- Grammar checking, mainly of the stories and voiced lines

- Adding in missing Gallery CG's
- Switching out certain card images that need a new image in a HD quality, as well as a bigger file size (bigger than 600x900px at least)
- Uploading a new - .png - file of card images that are in .jpg and renaming the wrong image link on every page they appear in then. Please contact an admin to delete the .jpg file once you're done.
- Adding in appearances and personalities on the Character pages
- Adding in missing card stats

- Translating missing affection stories, mainly from POP'N STAR and RE:BERSERK

- New audio lines from the scout and skill activation
- Lyrics

  • These are pages, infoboxes, or other we want to put on the wiki, but have no idea how they should look, or how we could implement them. So if you have any ideas please contact an admin and discuss your ideas with them!
Link to the Affection stories on the infoboxes in the card pages
Newer, more organized, look for the wiki main page

  • Here is a list of the translators currently working on translating affection stories. If you have any of the stories they are missing, or want to help them with translating or anything else feel free to contact them.
  • If you want to translate a certain affection story from a group someone else is working on, please get in touch with them first, so that a story won't be translated twice.
  • If you want to translate any of the POP'N STAR or RE:BERSERK affection stories, feel free to start ASAP, but please take a look at other affection stories beforehand, to see how the page is formatted and all that. If you have any questions or have troubles formatting a page, feel free to contact an admin.
  • If you want to translate more than just one story for a group or character feel free to contact an admin so they can put you on this list.
User Works on Link to their list of cards they need
Ruri Tenjyou Tenge, Lancelot Here
Ri F∞F here
Chrys I♥B Here
Yume Alchemist here, under "List"
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