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Bloody Master
Buraddī Masutā
(Bloody Master) Eva Armstrong Twitter Icon
"Don't approach my kin. We will never separate for eternity."
Aliases Eva
Bloody Master
• Characteristics•
Gender ♂ Male
Age 29
Blood Type A
Birthday June 13th
Height 5'3" or 160 cm
Weight 46 kg
• Professional Information•
Unit RE-Berserk
Position Leader
• Additional Information•
Family Yamanobe Mio
Baber (Brother)
Theresa (Mother)
Hobby Ventriloquism
Fave Food Sushi Rolls
LeastFave Food Natto
• Portrayal•
CV Shimono Hiro
Eva Armstrong Signature
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Bloody Master (ブラッディー・マスター Buraddī Masutā) is one of the main characters in I-Chu. His real name is Eva Armstrong (エヴァ・アームストロング Eva Āmusutrongu). He is a part of the Idol Unit, RE:BERSERK, which was the seventh to be introduced in the game.

Profile Description Edit

He is referred to as “Master” by the other two in the group. He may be always talking like a chuunibyou, but he is just a romantically inexperienced, disappointing adult. Though he looks rather young, he is actually 29 years old, and is the oldest in I-Chu. He invited F∞F’s Kanata Minato to join the group as the Crimson Angel (緋色の白兎, Hiiro no Shiro-usagi, lit. Scarlet White Rabbit), but was refused every time.


  • Make a simple self introduction
    • I am Bloody Master. Offer your body and heart to me, and I will bestow upon you supreme pleasure! Hahaha!!
  • How did you become an idol?
    • To increase my number of servants. What else could there possibly be? Having lived my 427 years in elegance... Hey! Don't say I'm 29!
  • Your impression upon meeting the other members?
    • I was still young when I met Mio and Ban. We share a bond of having overcome extreme hardships together. ...And there's the strongest Cerberus, Sammy.

Personality Edit

Eva is fond of using outlandish words and his way of talking and carrying himself can only be accurately described as that of a chuunibyou. Besides calling himself "Bloody Master" he gives others ridiculous code names including the producer- who he calls "Messiah". While he constantly acts all high and mighty, keeping up his own belief that he is the god of another dark world or whatnot- due to his extreme inexperience in romantic interaction or just normal interaction in general, it is very easy to upset his grandeur. Despite all of this, his talent is real and he successfully upholds his position as one of the second generation I-chus and it is not impossible to see where Mio Yamanobe and Ban Jumonji's admiration of him come from.

Appearance Edit

Eva has bright blue eyes and black hair with long bangs. He is small and has the appearance of a young teenager even though he is the oldest of all I-chu. In his idolized cards he wears one yellow contact in his right eye, but when unidolized he wears none showing his natural blue eye color. Sammy, his pet owl, can usually be seen resting on his shoulders or flying around him. His outfits tend to be extravagant matching his overly dramatic poses.

Lines Edit

Character Lines
Scout and Idolizing
Scout To be able to summon me, what a proficient one.
It's time to awaken from the eternal sleep.
Eva Scout

Eva Scout2
Idolizing Carve it into your eyes, this beautiful figure of mine.
Eva Idolize
Regular Mio. Don't be so strict on Ban. Even he himself would be sad about it...
Eva Home Reg1
For me, my songs are magical spells. Can you understand?
Eva Home Reg2
RE:BERSERK. That's our name. Carve it into your chest.
Eva Home Reg3
You are a being who has formed a contract with me. You should feel a bit more confident in yourself.
Eva Home Reg4
I shall not let you escape from me until we have enjoyed a good drink to celebrate our victory together.
Eva Home Reg5
Darkness will snatch away everything, and lure you in. You'd better be careful, too
Eva Home Reg6
I am Bloody Master. Nothing pleasant will come by associating yourself with me.
Eva Home Reg7
As long as you can lead me to the best stage[1] there is then it doesn't matter what kind of person you are.
Eva Home Reg8
Let us aim for the wonderful Eden together.
Eva Home Reg9
It's a beautiful moonlit night. Don't you think the same?
Eva Home Reg10
Chris... He's of the light element... How should I, the emperor of darkness, come in contact with him... File:Eva Home Reg11.ogg
It seems an event has started. Shall we go to observe?
Eva Home Event1
I quite enjoyed the event this time. I will be counting on you from tomorrow onwards too.
Eva Home Event2
You have awoken, Messiah. Can you prepare my breakfast? File:Eva Home Morning.ogg
File:Eva Home Afternoon.ogg
The pitch-black darkness is drawing near. Quickly prepare to go home, Messiah. File:Eva Home Evening.ogg
You must remember that you're not allowed to sleep until I've fallen asleep too. File:Eva Home Night.ogg
January A kaleidoscope of tastes, a colorful treasure box to celebrate the birth of a new world... Osechi is great. File:Eva Home 3Jan1.ogg
I might be immortal, but that doesn't make me invincible against the cold... File:Eva Home 3Jan2.ogg
This is no time to be eating tangerines! We must go to the new year meeting of the demon world! File:Eva Home 3Jan3.ogg
February I have to eat 427 beans this year too... No, I will eat them! File:Eva Home 3Feb1.ogg
What is this sweet fragrance? Perhaps, an assassin from the underworld...! File:Eva Home 3Feb2.ogg
March Even if I admire the beauty of the cherry flowers over and over, it always feels like the first time.
Eva Home 3Mar1
Where should I put the princess doll? My seat is the one in the center, right?
Eva Home 3Mar2
Gh, my sealed right eye is throbbing! Pollen? That can't be!
Eva Home 3Mar3
Are you offering that chocolate to me? Thank you, I will accept it.
Eva Home 3Mar4
Messiah, you're the one chosen by me. I shall give you this luxurious offering. Accept it.
Eva Home 3Mar5
April The new students that want to become my servants! Write your names on the list!
Eva Home 3Apr1
Sammy! Let go for Crimson Angel's plush toy!
Eva Home 3Apr2
Demon king? World conquest? What are you talking about?
Eva Home 3Apr3
May Prolonged holidays? They have nothing to do with me. I am busy increasing my magical power.
Eva Home 3May1
Oneiros is inviting me to sleep...[2]
Eva Home 3May2
I adorned my royal room with the traditional Kabuto helmet. Do you want to come and see it? File:Eva Home 3May3.ogg
June Mio and Ban are secretly talking about something... I see, so the time has come. File:Eva Home 3Jun1.ogg
Messiah, the goddess' tears seem to be troubling you. You may come under my umbrella. File:Eva Home 3Jun2.ogg
July I must not lose to the bright light of God. I will fight it with the parasol! File:Eva Home 3Jul1.ogg
Ban, there's no need to eat so fast. The shaved ice won't run away. File:Eva Home 3Jul2.ogg
You're not allowed to look at my Tanzaku. What did you write on yours, Messiah? File:Eva Home 3Jul3.ogg
August Giving color to the darkness, is it. They're very beautiful. I'm glad we could see the fireworks together. File:Eva Home 3Aug1.ogg
Souls that scream for the end of the heat are also a scene of this period. File:Eva Home 3Aug2.ogg
September Listening to the soul's requiem while looking at the moon isn't so bad. File:Eva Home 3Sep1.ogg
After eating a candy that Mio gave me my body is suddenly burning for some reason...! File:Eva Home 3Sep2.ogg
October Kitty kitty, come here ♪ H- Hey! If you were here say so! File:Eva Home 3Oct1.ogg
Looking at the mountains dyed in the colors of lost revenge has an aesthetic of its own. File:Eva Home 3Oct2.ogg
I shall show you how we demonic beings do pranks. File:Eva Home 3Oct3.ogg
November Uuu, I'm not strong enough against Crimson Angel's and Peach's innocent eyes... File:Eva Home 3Nov1.ogg
Mio has been gathering candlesticks and candles lately. Just what does he plan to do with those... File:Eva Home 3Nov2.ogg
December Messiah, didn't I tell you that those shoes aren't suited for walking in the snow. File:Eva Home 3Dec1.ogg
When I look at Mio's and Ban's sleeping faces I get reminded of the past... File:Eva Home 3Dec2.ogg
I can hear bells coming from far away! Quick, we must go to sleep! File:Eva Home 3Dec3.ogg
I applaud you for the hard work you did this year. I will leave Ban and Mio in your care next year as well. File:Eva Home 3Dec4.ogg
Start Menu I-Chu!
Eva Start Menu
Download Now, don't be in such a hurry.
Eva Download
Story The one to choose shall be you, Messiah.
Eva Story
Main Story From which chapter would you like to read?
Reading together isn't too bad...
Eva Main Story2
Love Story Love... no, of course, I'm accustomed to love already!
Eva Love Story1
You, who have formed a contract with me, should already know which to choose.
Eva Love Story2
Shop This is the meeting place of evil.
Eva Shop
Disk Purchase What are you hesitating about? Trust your intuitions.
Friend Welcome to paradise!
Eva Friend
Other Does this mean that the hint to escape from the forest of doubt lies here...?
During Lives
1st Skill Lines
R/RR Start I will give form to success.
Eva RRR Start
Skill The time has come. Look carefully at my prowess!
Eva RRR Skill1
Yield to me!
Eva RRR Skill2
You may surrender yourself to me.
Eva RRR Skill3
Clear This is exactly the grand finale that I sought.
Eva RRR Clear
Affection Gain Your agony is my source of energy.
Eva RRR AffectGain
SR/UR Start Gaia's guidance lies here now.
Eva SRUR Start
Skill My servants, you may step back.
Eva SRUR Skill1
Now, you may serve me.
Eva SRUR Skill2
Oh spirits connected to me...Show yourselves!
Eva SRUR Skill3
Clear Something like this isn't sufficient to erase my sins.
Eva SRUR Clear
Affection Gain Not enough, the offerings aren't enough.
Eva SRUR AffectGain
LE/GR Start I wonder, am I able to put you under my control?
Eva LEGR Start
Skill Don't lose focus.
Eva LEGR Skill1
Eva LEGR Skill2
The time is ripe. Let's go!
Eva LEGR Skill3
Clear That was a good performance for someone like you.
Eva LEGR Clear
Affection Gain Everything should be done perfectly.
Eva LEGR AffectGain
2nd Skill Lines
R/RR Skill There!
Eva RRR2 Skill1
Prostrate yourself!
Eva RRR2 Skill2
Come together with me.
Eva RRR2 Skill3
SR/UR Skill Sammy, let's go!
Eva SRUR2 Skill1
Am I frightening?
Eva SRUR2 Skill2
The darkness will hide me.
Eva SRUR2 Skill3
LE/GR Skill This is the power of an emperor!
Eva LEGR2 Skill1
It's time for me to unleash my powers!
Eva LEGR2 Skill2
Ha, ha ha ha!
Eva LEGR2 Skill3
3rd Skill Lines
SR/UR Skill Sammy! Over there!
Eva SRUR3 Skill1
Your screams are like waltz to me.
Eva SRUR3 Skill2
Capture the sacrifices!
Eva SRUR3 Skill3
LE/GR Skill Release... everything!
Eva LEGR3 Skill1
This is the world I control! Hahahaha!
Eva LEGR3 Skill2
Do you want to taste the blood of the demon king?
Eva LEGR3 Skill3
Old Homepage lines
2nd Monthly Lines
January Messiah, I will be counting on you this year too. The New Year greetings are important, after all.
Eva Home 2Jan1
The devil's furniture has taken hold of me and will not let me go... The kotatsu is a scary thing.
Eva Home 2Jan2
February I ate chocolate from Mio, but.... My stomach feels sour...
Eva Home 2Feb1
W-What's this huge pile of beans?! There's 427 of them? I see.....
Eva Home 2Feb2
March The cherry blossoms are beautiful.... Forgive me, I became a bit sentimental.
Eva Home 2Mar1
I thought about giving Mio a return gift for White Day, but what would he want the most?
Eva Home 2Mar2
April Crimson Angel seems to be quite joyous... I see, it's because of Easter.
Eva Home 2Apr1
The night hours have become shorter... My magical powers....!
Eva Home 2Apr2
May I'm often held captive by Hypnos during this season... It's troubling.
Eva Home 2May1
My imperial house is adorned with a golden kabuto. Mio's things are there as well.
Eva Home 2May2
June You have to offer a pure white maiden covered in a black veil for my birthday.
Eva Home 2Jun1
Tears of the goddess who rules over the skies... The rainy season.
Eva Home 2Jun2
July Stardust entwined with coldness... Shaved ice is delicious.
Eva Home 2Jul1
What did I write on my Tanzaku? Of course, "To put all of humanity under my control".
Eva Home 2Jul2
August That Ban, why would he still have an appetite in this kind of heat...
Eva Home 2Aug1
The dark color jet black absorbs light and gives birth to heat... My clothes are hot!
Eva Home 2Aug2
September power becomes uncontrollable during the full moon...!
Eva Home 2Sep1
The rabbits in the moon are my servants too.
Eva Home 2Sep2
October Trick or Treat. Have you prepared your offerings for me?
Eva Home 2Oct1
In the night, sometimes there live fools that not even I can control. Be careful when walking along the paths at night.
Eva Home 2Oct2
November Mio was making a doll that looked like me... Does he plan to use it for black magic?!
Eva Home 2Nov1
The dark nights are getting longer. My power is becoming stronger too.
Eva Home 2Nov2
December Mio, Ban. I've prepared rewards for both of you two. There is no need to fight.
Eva Home 2Dec1
I wonder if Santa Claus will come this year~♪ I-It's nothing! Erase that from your memory immediately!
Eva Home 2Dec2
1st Monthly Lines
January Has it turned into a new year already? Indeed, how fast the time lapses. This year too, you shall guide us in tow.
Eva Home Jan1
I shall not yield this kotatsu to anyone else. Right now, I'm feeling terribly cold...
Eva Home Jan2
February Chocolate? Hmph, if you insist that much I will accept it.
Eva Home Feb1
Ehomaki[3] is the supreme food. Do you understand the magnificence of it?
Eva Home Feb2
March Hm? This? This is a reward from me to you. You can take it, livestock!
Eva Home Mar1
The cherry blossoms are beautiful...and fleeting... Fu. Perhaps they are similar to me.
Eva Home Mar2
April I wonder what lie I should use~♪ It-it's nothing! Don't mind it!!
Eva Home Apr1
I finished all my business with you. You can disappear now. ....Can't you even understand a lie?
Eva Home Apr2
May If you are in grief, then I will wipe away those tears, in the name of our old blood contract.
Eva Home May1
Koinobori's? I often went to see the Eternal Dragons[4] with my mother when I was young.
Eva Home May2
June The sixth month has already arrived...The days are passing by quickly.
Eva Home Jun1-16
It's time for me to reorganize my royal objects. If there's something you want then I shall give it to you.
Eva Home Jun2-16
July Fuh. Your current appearance is not bad indeed. But doesn't your exposed skin stand out too much?
Eva Home Jul1
The sea...That's the origin of life in Mother Nature's earth!
Eva Home Jul2
August Why does summer get this hot? I can't stand it.
Eva Home Aug1
Fireworks look just like flower petals blooming in the night sky.
Eva Home Aug2
September Autumn, hm. It reminds me of those days.... Heh, I was lost in thought for a moment.
Eva Home Sep1
It has cooled down considerably. However, if you wear something like that, you'll catch a cold.
Eva Home Sep2
October I bare my fangs as the dark night falls. Trick or treat...
Eva Home Oct1
A cold wintry wind is blowing. Be careful not to catch a cold.
Eva Home Oct2
November The reddening of leaves means that, as they're dying, they're trying to mesmerize us in their crimson dress. A fleeting life doesn't necessarily means a futile one.
Eva Home Nov1
It is not an exaggeration to say that my existence itself is a work of art.
Eva Home Nov2
December I shall bestow something to you, as a token of gratitude for all the days we've spent together.
Eva Home Dec1
You did well following me this year. I'm grateful to you.
Eva Home Dec2

Notes Edit

  1. Written 'battlefield'.
  2. Oneiroi
  3. Sushi rolls eaten during setsubun
  4. He pronounces it as Eternal Dragons, but the kanji says "Golden Dragons"

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