Play the venue part of the game to get tokens and event points. Play the live part of the game with the tokens to get event points and special items which you can trade for a variety of prizes!

How to acquire points and special itemsEdit

You acquire a small amount of points through playing the venue part.
You acquire points and special items through the live part of the game. Each song gives a different amount and type of special item.(There's three types of special items, Big, Medium, Small).

How to playEdit

Fanservice event1
  • Top left green button: Event info
  • Top left yellow button: Ranking
  • Top left red button: Point and Ranking rewards
  • Top left pink button: You can check the conversations you saw during the venue part again!
  • Middle blue button: Start the venue part
  • Middle pink button: Start the live part
  • Middle yellow button: Exchange special items for prizes!
Fanservice event2

The venue part is very straight forward. Several fans and even other I-Chu will come and give you prizes such as tokens, friend points, coins, EXP Kuma's, Melody Pieces and event points.
Click on the auto button and everything will proceed automatically. The off button will remove the bottom part of the screen with the SD's and the box button will show you what the fans gave you so far.
Playing the venue part costs you AP. You have 15 in total and playing costs you 3 AP. You can replenish AP by using special Kuma drinks, strong Kuma drinks or discs.
The Kuma drink replenishes 3 AP, the strong Kuma drink and discs replenish all your AP.

Fanservice event3

Once you have enough tokens from the venue part you can go over to the live part.
You have to play the songs, using the tokens you gathered. It shows you how many tokens you need to play a song, as well as which type of, and how many, special items you will get after playing a song. You'll also get event points from playing the songs from which you can get event point prizes too.

Fanservice event4

Once you have enough special items you can head over to the event shop and trade them in for event prizes.

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