Flower shower de Shukufuku o 2 (1)
Shiki: Haa… I haven’t known what to do since hearing that conversation.
Shiki: Producer and the Lancelot members probably know that Sanzenin-kun is going abroad to get married, yeah?
Shiki: The principal knows too, right? If he goes overseas, Sanzenin-kun will stop being an Aichuu…
Shiki: What should I do about such a big problem…
Flower shower de Shukufuku o 2 (2)
Takamichi: What’s a big problem?
Shiki: Uwah!? Sa-Sanzenin-kun!?
Takamichi: Such a grandiose guy… More importantly, I’ve been looking for you, Shiki.
Flower shower de Shukufuku o 2 (3)
Shiki: Eh? Looking for me-
Shiki: (Ha!? He found out about me listening in the other day!)
Shiki: (When it comes to the Sanzenin family, SP are stationed all around to keep watch over the neighborhood… is such a thing possible!?)
Takamichi: Did you say a while ago that your master is a potter called Kiraku Hajime?
Shiki: Eh.. Ah, yes. That’s right, but…
Takamichi: I knew it! So the one responsible for the pottery that was delivered the other day was you!
Shiki: Yeah… Actually, I’m the one who made that pottery. You’re… having a wedding, right?
Takamichi: What the heck, so you knew! That’s right, since she's getting married, she got revved up and ordered souvenirs for the guests
Takamichi: I wondered what kind of souvenirs they’d be, but when I went to see the preliminary inspection of the church, I was surprised to hear a familiar name!
Shiki: A-ahaha…
Takamichi: The ceremony is in a month. Since it’s been such a good relationship, I’m relieved that the wedding is finally happening!
Shiki: Hehhh. A good relationship, huh?
Takamichi: It’s great that she was able to schedule a wedding in Japan despite her living overseas.
Takamichi: But, once she gets married she immediately has to return overseas for work, you know? A little time off for a honeymoon would be nice
Flower shower de Shukufuku o 2 (4)
Shiki: I see…
Shiki: (I thought Sanzenin-kun was a late bloomer with girls, but it seems he and his girlfriend have a good relationship...)
Shiki: (She seemed like a such a strong and beautiful person that she could rule over Sanzenin-kun!)
Shiki: H-hey, is she really going overseas?
Takamichi: Huh? Of course she is…
Shiki: I see… Then, does the producer and other members of Lancelot know about this?
Takamichi: Nope, they don’t… Don’t ask such weird things, Shiki
Shiki: That’s not a strange thing to ask!
Flower shower de Shukufuku o 2 (5)
Takamichi: !? O-oi oi, what’s wrong with you?
Shiki: --! S-sorry, I got worked up and yelled… I think being so hard-pressed with work has gotten to me...
Takamichi: I see… Don’t push yourself so hard, yeah? You have everyone in ArS to take care of, so don’t let your stress accumulate
Shiki: Yeah, you’re right. I’ll rest for the day
Takamichi: That’s a good idea. Well then, I have to head to my next location, but don’t go anywhere!
Flower shower de Shukufuku o 2 (6)
Shiki: ...Sanzenin-kun!
Takamichi: --Yes?
Shiki: …...Make sure she’s happy
Takamichi: …....Yeah. I’ll let her know!
Flower shower de Shukufuku o 2 (7)
Shiki ……
Shiki ………………
Shiki UWAHHH!!!! What should I do!!?


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