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Hikaru Orihara
Orihara Hikaru
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"My name is Orihara Hikaru! I’m the poster child for modern day Venus!"
Aliases Hikaru
Blizzard Queen
• Characteristics•
Gender ♂ Male
Age 20
Blood Type O
Birthday May 25th
Height 5'7" or 172 cm
Weight 52 kg
• Professional Information•
Unit ArS
Position Member
• Additional Information•
Family Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Hobby Stage Appreciation, making sculptures
Fave Food Beautiful things
LeastFave Food Ugly things
• Portrayal•
CV Matsuoka Yoshitsugu
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Hikaru Orihara (折原輝 Orihara Hikaru) is one of the main characters in I-Chu. He is a part of the Idol Unit, ArS, which was the fourth to be introduced in the game.

Profile Description Edit

He’s a narcissist that loves all beautiful things, including (and especially) himself. Ice sculptures are his forte/speciality, but he can also craft beautiful bronze statues quickly as well. He idolizes David, Michelangelo's masterpiece statue. His future dream is to join as a performer of the Takarazuka Revue, but it fell through when he was found out to be male at his audition, even though he was crossdressing. Since Raku Wakaouji is his childhood friend, he’s always relying on him.

Interview Edit

  • Make a simple self-introduction.
    • "I'm Orihara Hikaru! Becoming the fan of this beautiful me is a natural part of your destiny!! Now, shall we walk together toward that shining future?"
  • How did you become an idol?
    • "An idol... that's right, that's the fate burdened onto me. Aah! This beautiful me is such a sinful man..."
  • Your impression upon meeting the other members?
    • "Raku and I are childhood friends. Raku often tells me about my many good points, that's why I really like him!"

Personality Edit

A positive type.

Appearance Edit

Hikaru has yellow eyes and long blond hair that reaches the small of his back. His bangs frame his face with a longer piece behind his right ear that falls on his shoulders. His hair is usually tied in a low ponytail using a blue ribbon. The ribbons used to hold back his hair are typically changed when he wears outfits for live performances.

EditArS Hikaru Orihara's Cards
R/RR Orihara Hikaru R (Second Batch) Hikaru Orihara R
SR/UR Hikaru Orihara SR (Second Batch) Hikaru Orihara SR (X'mas Scout) Hikaru Orihara SR (Flower Viewing Scout) Hikaru Orihara SR (Part-time Job Scout) Hikaru Orihara SR (Yumeiro Cast Collaboration) Hikaru Orihara SR (Hot Springs Scout) Hikaru Orihara SR (Circus Scout) Hikaru Orihara SR (Gods of fortune Scout) Hikaru Orihara SR (Sasageyo! Kyoumei no Squeak) Hikaru Orihara SR

(Farming Scout) Hikaru Orihara SR (June Bride 2018 Scout) Hikaru Orihara SR (Dark Fairy Tales Scout) Hikaru Orihara SR

LE/GR Orihara Hikaru LE (Art Appreciation scout) Hikaru Orihara LE (1st Anniversary Scout) Hikaru Orihara LE (Junshinmuku na Aqua Muse) Hikaru Orihara LE (New Year 2017 Scout) Hikaru Orihara LE (FanxFunxGift 2) Hikaru Orihara LE (Chijou no Rakuen) Hikaru Orihara LE (Warlock Scout) Hikaru Orihara LE (2nd Anniversary Scout) Hikaru Orihara LE (Shinsengumi Scout) Hikaru Orihara LE

(Halloween 2017 Scout) Hikaru Orihara LE (A3! Collaboration) Hikaru Orihara LE (Kirameki ☆ Sweet Surprise) Hikaru Orihara LE (1st Birthday Scout) Hikaru Orihara LE (3rd Anniversary Scout) Hikaru Orihara LE (5th Oshinobi Date) Hikaru Orihara LE (Survival Game Scout) Hikaru Orihara LE (Valentine's Day 2019 Scout) Hikaru Orihara LE (2nd Birthday Scout) Hikaru Orihara LE (4th Anniversary Scout) Hikaru Orihara LE

(Cocktail Scout) Hikaru Orihara LE

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