I-Chu receives its first stage play adaption in 2017 directed by Tetsu Taoshita and written by Yuriko Hoshina. The performances are between August 25th and August 27th in Osaka and between September 6th and September 10th in Tokyo.


The "Étoile Vio School" raises idol eggs, and the ones who attend this school to become idols are referred to as "I-Chu". The members of the 3rd generation, F∞F, Twinkle Bell, I♥B and ArS and special guest Kokoro Hanabusa, member of the second generation, will participate in a rookie idol contest. The ranking is decided through a real vote the audience can take and the winner will be awarded with an original song. Seiya Aido doesn't like competing with his friends, but in order to become a top idol, it is a necessary road he has to brace himself for. But despite that, the handwritten score of the new song got lost inside the hall! Where is the score sheet? In whose hands will the victory fall?! How will this contest turn out!!!


Original CharactersEdit

  • Funimori Murase as Yukichi Futagawa (Male producer)
  • Suguru Tanaka as Minoru Tanaka (Host of idol contest)
  • Tatsuya Ooba as Taiyou Ikebukuro (Producer organizing idol contest)
  • Mitsunori Hirokawa as Osami James Iidabashi (Former super popular idol)
  • Tsukasa Yoshikubo as Tatsuya Satou (Taiyou Ikebukuro's assistant)


【アイ★チュウ ザ・ステージ~Stairway to Étoile~】キャスト発表ダイジェスト

【アイ★チュウ ザ・ステージ~Stairway to Étoile~】キャスト発表ダイジェスト

Songs Edit

Brand new day F∞F
Moon night diving Kibun wa boom boom Cute ni waratte Ikusen no machi ni yuki ga furu
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