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I-Chu (アイ★チュウ), also known as Aichuu, is a rhythm game developed and published by LIBER Entertainment. Which has been released for Android on 26th June 2015, and for iOS on 3rd July 2015.

I-Chu was announced to stop receiving new content on October 1, 2019. And will move to an offline version on July 6th, On December 12, the game will no longer be downloadable, More Information regarding closure here

However, There is a I-chu Raising Simulation game which restarts the main story from the beginning. The Anime is also based on this new game, so please join us on its wiki here!

This wiki is no longer being actively maintained, however,if you'd still like to contribute, feel free to do so! and thank you very much for your contributions!

Before you edit anything please take a look at our Rules!

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