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Junta Arayashiki
荒屋敷 純太
Arayashiki Junta
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"Hey! It's been a while, miss! I'll pay so let's go eat sweets!"
• Characteristics•
Gender ♂ Male
Age 36
Blood Type A
Birthday August 11th
Height 188 cm
Weight 74 kg
• Professional Information•
Unit MG9 Logo
Position Manager of Lancelot
Interim teacher
• Portrayal•
CV Fujii Kohei
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Junta Arayashiki (荒屋敷 純太 Arayashiki Junta) is one of the characters in I-Chu. He is a part of the Manager Unit MG9 and the manager for Lancelot.

Profile Description Edit

Lancelot's manager. A strong man with a scar on his face, but who's very friendly and easy to talk to. He's an active photographer. He doesn't hide the fact that he really loves sweets. Because he's been visiting Kumakocho's office since long ago, he, Kuro, the producer and Kumakocho are long time acquaintances. He often goes out to eat sweets with the producer.

Personality Edit

Appearance Edit

Character Lines
Scout and Idolizing
Scout File:Junta Scout.ogg
Idolizing File:Junta Idolize.ogg
Regular I'm Junta Arayashiki! I've known your president since the past. Nice to meet you! File:Junta Home Reg1.ogg
...That's a nice picture. Hm? You're curious about it? I'll show it to you especially. File:Junta Home Reg2.ogg
Don't touch the scar on my face. Well, a lot has happened in my life.... File:Junta Home Reg3.ogg
You became so beautiful, Miss! When you were small you were like a baby duckling, mhm! File:Junta Home Reg4.ogg
The camera hanging from my waist? Aah, it's my treasure. File:Junta Home Reg5.ogg
Oi, don't go stroking people's chest, Go! I'll give him a good scolding one day....! File:Junta Home Reg6.ogg
Atsushi! Are you lost again? What's with your sense of direction!? File:Junta Home Reg7.ogg
Todoroki! You'll get wrinkles! Please smile more friendly! File:Junta Home Reg8.ogg
I'm forfeiting Nama-chan! Really, there's a limit to how much you can idle around.... File:Junta Home Reg9.ogg
This is a picture of Sanzenin during practice. His natural expression is nice too. File:Junta Home Reg10.ogg
File:Junta Home Reg11.ogg
The event has begun! Well then, shall we get to work?
Seems like the event ended. Good job! Shall I take your glory picture?
What's that~? You look sleepy. Let's go eat sweets to wake up!
Yo! Don't you think it's nice to have a sweets lunch sometimes?
Got a nice shot! Both Miss and the sunset were so beautiful that I couldn't help it.
You look sleepy, Miss. ....Go have some nice dreams.
January Happy New Year! Did you draw a fortune? Mine said ''great luck''! File:Junta Home Jan1.ogg
Yo! You're already full of energy this new year. I'm looking forward to working with you from now on as well. File:Junta Home Jan2.ogg
February The sweet smell of chocolate is hanging around everywhere. I want to eat sweets~! File:Junta Home Feb1.ogg
Ooh! You got me chocolates! What a nice girl you are~ File:Junta Home Feb2.ogg
March What's with that, you're still saying it's cold even though it's already March? File:Junta Home Mar1.ogg
July There's various shaved ice creams. I like strawberry flavor! File:Junta Home Jul1.ogg
File:Junta Home Jul2.ogg
August Akabane, just because it's summer you can't just laze around y'know? File:Junta Home Aug1.ogg
File:Junta Home Aug2.ogg
September I'm definitely feeling my autumn appetite rising![1] Especially for sweets buffets! File:Junta Home Sep1.ogg
File:Junta Home Sep2.ogg
October It's the perfect season to take pictures of the ripening autumn colors. File:Junta Home Oct1.ogg
You think I'd look good in a beast cosplay? Then you should be the beauty! File:Junta Home Oct2.ogg
November I actually prefer chocolate fondue over jjigae.... File:Junta Home Nov1.ogg
File:Junta Home Nov2.ogg
December Taking a walk in cold weather is fun as well! The air's clear and it's quiet. File:Junta Home Dec1.ogg
You're alone on a day like this? Then let's go eat sweets together! File:Junta Home Dec2.ogg
This year also passed in the blink of an eye. Were you able to pass it without any regrets? File:Junta Home Dec3.ogg

Notes Edit

  1. He says “shokuyoku no aki” (食欲の秋), which means “autumn is the season for eating”. This adage stems from the old belief that one’s appetite increases in autumn because of the abundance of many foods at the peak of their freshness.
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