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Kokoro Hanabusa
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"L.O.V.E!! Hey, you say it too!"
Aliases Siren
• Characteristics•
Gender ♂ Male
Age 15
Blood Type B
Birthday September 1st
Height 5'1" or 156 cm
Weight 43 kg
• Professional Information•
Unit Pop 'N Star
Position Leader
• Additional Information•
Family Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Hobby Paragliding
Fave Food Melon Bread
LeastFave Food Green Pepper
• Portrayal•
CV Murase Ayumu
Kokoro Hanabusa Signature
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Kokoro Hanabusa (華房心 Hanabusa Kokoro) is one of the main characters in I-Chu. He is a part of the Idol Unit, POP'N STAR, who was the fifth to be introduced in the game.

Profile Description Edit

The strong-willed idol who thinks that he is the best. His astounding actions are catching fan's hearts. He thinks he is shining as a boy, but that he can shine even more when he shows himself as a girl. He has friends but since he thinks some people are too weak. He is having solo activities.


  • Make a simple self introduction
    • I'm Kokoro Hanabusa! Make a lot of memories together with the cute Kokoro♪ If you cheat on me with other I-chu's...I won't forgive you☆
  • How did you become an idol?
    • Isn't it obvious? Because I wanted to become the top idol! I will make everyone happy so cheer me on a lot ♪
  • Your impression upon meeting the other members?
    • It's easier by myself. I don't need friends...Oh no~ Kokoro might have gotten dark for a moment~ Tehehe☆
  • Please tell us about the new song.[1]
    • The new song is a happy song about myself and my friends ♪ Tomorrow will be a special day for the three of us, so please gather together to listen to the song for us~!

Personality Edit

Kokoro has a different personality he shows to his fellow idols and to his fans. To his fellow idols, he is haughty and arrogant, believing himself to be better than all of them. He believes that he can easily continue on without friends, and doesn't get along well with the others. That is, until he learns that he can't continue by himself and convinces Runa and Momosuke to join his unit. They get along well together.

To his fans, Kokoro acts the part of a cutesy energetic idol. He's very cheerful and does everything he can to appear as lovable as possible on stage.

Appearance Edit

Kokoro has light green eyes, pale skin, and long pink hair. He keeps part of his hair in front of him, reaching down just past his chest, and the rest of his hair goes down to his hips.


  1. Official twitter.

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