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Kokoro Hanabusa
Hanabusa Kokoro Twitter Icon
"L.O.V.E!! Hey, you say it too!"
Aliases Siren
• Characteristics•
Gender ♂ Male
Age 15
Blood Type B
Birthday September 1st
Height 5'1" or 156 cm
Weight 43 kg
• Professional Information•
Unit Pop 'N Star
Position Leader
• Additional Information•
Family Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Hobby Paragliding
Fave Food Melon Bread
LeastFave Food Green Pepper
• Portrayal•
CV Murase Ayumu
Kokoro Hanabusa Signature
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Kokoro Hanabusa (華房心 Hanabusa Kokoro) is one of the main characters in I-Chu. He is a part of the Idol Unit, POP'N STAR, who was the fifth to be introduced in the game.

Profile Description Edit

The strong-willed idol who thinks that he is the best. His astounding actions are catching fan's hearts. He thinks he is shining as a boy, but that he can shine even more when he shows himself as a girl. He has friends but since he thinks some people are too weak. He is having solo activities.


  • Make a simple self introduction
    • I'm Kokoro Hanabusa! Make a lot of memories together with the cute Kokoro♪ If you cheat on me with other I-chu's...I won't forgive you☆
  • How did you become an idol?
    • Isn't it obvious? Because I wanted to become the top idol! I will make everyone happy so cheer me on a lot ♪
  • Your impression upon meeting the other members?
    • It's easier by myself. I don't need friends...Oh no~ Kokoro might have gotten dark for a moment~ Tehehe☆
  • Please tell us about the new song.[1]
    • The new song is a happy song about myself and my friends ♪ Tomorrow will be a special day for the three of us, so please gather together to listen to the song for us~!

Personality Edit

Kokoro has a different personality he shows to his fellow idols and to his fans. To his fellow idols, he is haughty and arrogant, believing himself to be better than all of them. He believes that he can easily continue on without friends, and doesn't get along well with the others. That is, until he learns that he can't continue by himself and convinces Runa and Momosuke to join his unit. They get along well together.

To his fans, Kokoro acts the part of a cutesy energetic idol. He's very cheerful and does everything he can to appear as lovable as possible on stage.

Appearance Edit

Kokoro has light green eyes, pale skin, and long pink hair. He keeps part of his hair in front of him, reaching down just past his chest, and the rest of his hair goes down to his hips.

Lines Edit

Character Lines
Scout and Idolizing
Scout To answer everyone's feelings, I, Kokoro, will sing~ ☆
I'll make you Kokoro's F-I-R-S-T♪
Kokoro Scout

Kokoro Scout2
Idolizing There is no one cuter than Kokoro.
Kokoro Idolize
Regular I'm Hanabusa Kokoro. Ehehe, everyone should love me!
Kokoro Home Reg1
Receive the kisses I'm throwing, okay~ CHU, CHU~
Kokoro Home Reg2
I love everyone too~!
Kokoro Home Reg3
L・O・V・E! KO・KO・RO! Come on, you say it too!
Kokoro Home Reg4
Don't underestimate the second generation!
Kokoro Home Reg5
Since I'm a senior you have to properly greet me!
Kokoro Home Reg6
Friends? I don’t need useless people.[2]
Kokoro Home Reg7
Isn't this dress cute? Ahh, I want it~
Kokoro Home Reg8
President~ I want a new idol costume~ Ple~ease!
Kokoro Home Reg9
Producer~! You should prioritize me instead of them... hmph!
Kokoro Home Reg10
Friends are nice to have, aren't they?[3]
Kokoro Home Reg11
Onimaru would definitely be adorable if he crossdressed! File:Kokoro Home Reg12.ogg
It seems an event has started! Kokoro will be the best in any kind of event ♪
Kokoro Home Event1
The event was lots of fun! It's thanks to you, Producer ♪
Kokoro Home Event2
Producer, Kokoro woke up too~ I'm sleepy.... File:Kokoro Home Morning.ogg
My lunch is melon bread ♪ Producer bought it too! File:Kokoro Home Afternoon.ogg
Good work, Producer. Don’t push yourself, ok? File:Kokoro Home Evening.ogg
Did you take care of your skin before sleeping? Okay, looks good ♪ File:Kokoro Home Night.ogg
January Look, look~♪ I bought a new coat! Isn't it cute? File:Kokoro Home 3Jan1.ogg
Producer! Hold onto my arm if you feel like you're about to fall! File:Kokoro Home 3Jan2.ogg
Producer, how was your fortune slip? Of course, I got "great luck"! File:Kokoro Home 3Jan3.ogg
February Mio, you should stop drawing magic circles from now on! Ban, give Mio a hug to bring him back to his senses![4] File:Ban Home 3Feb1.ogg
May this cute, cute pink wrapping convey Kokoro's feelings ♪ File:Ban Home 3Feb2.ogg
March I made sweets for White day too ♪ I'll give you the special treatment and feed you ♪
Kokoro Home 3Mar1
Momo, how many times do I have to tell you not to forget Ricky?
Kokoro Home 3Mar2
You're the Sannin kanjo, Producer! Those ones are more important to me than the Odairi-sama.
Kokoro Home 3Mar3
Here, I'll give you! It's home-made chocolate filled with Kokoro-chan's love ♪
Kokoro Home 3Mar4
I made sweets! Let's go on a date today ♪
Kokoro Home 3Mar5
April Momo! Ricky is full of dirt! Let's wash it!
Kokoro Home 3Apr1
Producer! Let's go buy spring clothes together ♪
Kokoro Home 3Apr2
The whole world is mine, the Phantom Thief Petit Fleur! OHOHOHOHOHO!
Kokoro Home 3Apr3
May May blues? It doesn't concern me! Let's go to lesson!
Kokoro Home 3May1
It seem a new specialized store for melonpan has been opened! I have to go!
Kokoro Home 3May2
Wouldn't it be cuter if we made the Kabuto helmet sparkly like a crown? File:Kokoro Home 3May3.ogg
June Producer! Will you let me stay under your umbrella? I forgot mine. File:Kokoro Home 3Jun1.ogg
I hate the rain, but I just bought a cute raincoat and can't wait to wear it ♪ File:Kokoro Home 3Jun2.ogg
July Geez, you're not even applying sunscreen, what are you doing?! I'll apply the cream on you! File:Kokoro Home 3Jul1.ogg
POP'N STAR is wearing matching swimsuits! You should match with us too, Producer ♪ File:Kokoro Home 3Jul2.ogg
Kokoro will be Orihime-sama... and you will be Orihime-sama too! File:Kokoro Home 3Jul3.ogg
August Momo! The watermelon isn't over here! It's over there! File:Kokoro Home 3Aug1.ogg
Producer could come with Kokoro to the festival, Kokoro is happy ♪ File:Kokoro Home 3Aug2.ogg
September Geez, Runa and Momo jumped to hug me right when the day changed! File:Kokoro Home 3Sep1.ogg
I have to go buy autumn clothes! This time I'll make Ban hold my bags ♥ File:Kokoro Home 3Sep2.ogg
October Producer, let's do some paragliding together ♪ File:Kokoro Home 3Oct1.ogg
The Scavenger hunt paper that I got has "the person that you like" written on it. Come with me! File:Kokoro Home 3Oct2.ogg
I wanted to be a cute witch for Halloween, but that would mean being matchy with Mio! File:Kokoro Home 3Oct3.ogg
November Going shopping with Seiya is nice because I can make him carry all my bags! File:Kokoro Home 3Nov1.ogg
Toshiyuki's birthday is this month! Now, how do I congratulate him ♪ File:Kokoro Home 3Nov2.ogg
December Do you want to see me wear a miniskirt Santa costume? I'll show you only ♪ File:Kokoro Home 3Dec1.ogg
Runa! Momo knocked over the hot pot! Momo, are you hurt? File:Kokoro Home 3Dec2.ogg
Producer, do you have time tonight? I want you to spend Christmas with me. File:Kokoro Home 3Dec3.ogg
Thank you for everything! You really worked hard this year! File:Kokoro Home 3Dec4.ogg
Start Menu I-Chu!
Kokoro Start Menu
Download While we're waiting for it, maybe I should sing something~?
Kokoro Download
Story I wonder which story you'll start with.
Kokoro Story
Main Story Please choose your favorite chapter!
Let's read it together, okay?
Kokoro Main Story2
Love Story Love story? Producer, you're so B・O・L・D ♪
Kokoro Love Story1
Shall we get excited together?
Kokoro Love Story2
Shop It's the shop! Man, I want new clothes...
Kokoro Shop
Disk Purchase Let's show each other what we bought later, okay?
Friend Here is your friend's information. But don't rely on your friends for everything!
Kokoro Friend
Other It's best to come here if you're in trouble!
During Lives
1st Skill Lines
R/RR Start Come on, or else I'll leave you behind!
Kokoro RRR Start
Skill Because I don't want to lose.
Kokoro RRR Skill1
Everyone! Are you watching?
Kokoro RRR Skill2
Plenty of guts!
Kokoro RRR Skill3
Clear I still don't want it to finish!
Kokoro RRR Clear
Affection Gain Love Love Heart's Beating ☆
Kokoro RRR AffectGain
SR/UR Start Of course I'll get serious!
Kokoro SRUR Start
Skill Does everyone like Kokoro~?
Kokoro SRUR Skill1
Shall we raise the tension more?
Kokoro SRUR Skill2
Kya~! I'm happy~!
Kokoro SRUR Skill3
Clear The encore call doesn't stop!
Kokoro SRUR Clear
Affection Gain Kya~! This is love? This is love, right?
Kokoro SRUR AffectGain
LE/GR Start Kokoro-chan will show you the best live!
Kokoro LEGR Start
Skill Kokoro's heart is thumping!
Kokoro LEGR Skill1
Listen to Kokoro's song!
Kokoro LEGR Skill2
The world of showbiz isn't an easy place!
Kokoro LEGR Skill3
Clear Producer, let me sing more!
Kokoro LEGR Clear
Affection Gain N-not really, I'm not thinking about it at all, okay!
Kokoro LEGR AffectGain
2nd Skill Lines
R/RR Skill It's the best!
Kokoro RRR2 Skill1
Be ready!
Kokoro RRR2 Skill2
Lovely Power!
Kokoro RRR2 Skill3
SR/UR Skill There's not enough cheering!
Kokoro SRUR2 Skill1
Singing is so fun!
Kokoro SRUR2 Skill2
I'm monopolizing everyone's gaze
Kokoro SRUR2 Skill3
LE/GR Skill I'm not alone.
Kokoro LEGR2 Skill1
Right now Kokoro has friends.
Kokoro LEGR2 Skill2
Kneel before the invincible Kokoro~!
Kokoro LEGR2 Skill3
3rd Skill Lines
SR/UR Skill Give me melopans as snack!
Kokoro SRUR3 Skill1
Still not enough!
Kokoro SRUR3 Skill2
Your voice is too low!
Kokoro SRUR3 Skill3
LE/GR Skill I'll make you fall in love!
Kokoro LEGR3 Skill1
Are you ready to bow down to me?
Kokoro LEGR3 Skill2
Runa and Momo are cuties too!
Kokoro LEGR3 Skill3
Old Homepage lines
2nd Monthly Lines
January Winter is cold, but winter clothes are fluffy and cute so I love it!
Kokoro Home 2Jan1
Happy New Year ♪ How do I look like with my haregi[5]? Compliment me, compliment me!
Kokoro Home 2Jan2
February Runa, Momo. Valentine is a battle of the girls!
Kokoro Home 2Feb1
Are you giving me chocolate? Kyaa! Producer, I love you!!
Kokoro Home 2Feb2
March Happy White Day! Have some home-made sweets from Kokoro-chan ♪
Kokoro Home 2Mar1
Hey, Producer. I want our next costumes to have the cherry flowers as a motif!
Kokoro Home 2Mar2
April Runa will surely say a lie for April Fools. I have to be vigilant.
Kokoro Home 2Apr1
Momo, you know what will happen if you lie to me, right?
Kokoro Home 2Apr2
May I'm making koinoboris with Runa and Momo! They're pink and the scales are heart-shaped ♪
Kokoro Home 2May1
Momo gave me a bouquet! It's so pretty and cute~!
Kokoro Home 2May2
June The rain is so damp and humid, I hate it... Hey, my hair hasn't become strange, right?
Kokoro Home 2Jun1
I went shopping with Seiya... I- It's not a date! Geez!
Kokoro Home 2Jun2
July Producer! How does my swimsuit look? Ain't I ado~rable ♪
Kokoro Home 2Jul1
Summer vacation! Let's all go to the sea together ♪
Kokoro Home 2Jul2
August It's the perfect time for ghost stories, Runa's pretty lively.
Kokoro Home 2Aug1
How about we launch fireworks that spell "Hanabusa Kokoro" during the next Live?
Kokoro Home 2Aug2
September It's Kokoro's Birthday Live! I prepared a special ticket for you, Producer!
Kokoro Home 2Sep1
Runa's homemade Tsukimi Dango's are delicious! It feels like my cheeks are going to fall off![6]
Kokoro Home 2Sep2
October Let's wear matching costumes together! I've already prepared the clothes so hurry up!
Kokoro Home 2Oct1
A sports festival, huh... Kokoro will be the cheerleader!
Kokoro Home 2Oct2
November Ah, Issei, nice timing! Make something for me~!
Kokoro Home 2Nov1
Looking from above the sky while paragliding makes the autumn leaves look beautiful!
Kokoro Home 2Nov2
December Christmas must have poinsettias! I'll have Momo prepare some!
Kokoro Home 2Dec1
Thank you for this year! Stay with us next year too!
Kokoro Home 2Dec2
1st Monthly Lines
January Everyone~ please support me this year too~ ♪
Kokoro Home Jan1
You have to properly say your New Year greetings to us, the seniors! That's good manners, you know!?
Kokoro Home Jan2
February Nyannyan, Nya~n♪ Eh, what are you looking at!?
Kokoro Home Feb1
I won't give you my chocolate that easily!
Kokoro Home Feb2
March Here. The return gift for Valentine! Be happy and accept it.
Kokoro Home Mar1
Achoo. It's a bit cold. You need to be careful too!
Kokoro Home Mar2
April I'll hold a melonpan spring festival. It's decided!
Kokoro Home Apr1
The cherry flowers are pretty just like me~ Maybe it's because they're like fairies after all~
Kokoro Home Apr2
May Create a Koinobori[7] for my sake!
Kokoro Home May1
Maybe I should try clothes that are a little shorter...Producer, what do you think?
Kokoro Home May2
June Soon it will start being their season...Those green peppers that I hate so much...
Kokoro Home Jun1-16
I hate it when it's so humid~
Kokoro Home Jun2-16
July Sunburns are an enemy for every cutie boy! I have to properly take care of my skin.
Kokoro Home Jul1
On Tanabata, I wrote that I'll become the world's cutest idol.
Kokoro Home Jul2
August Kokoro wants to see the fireworks~! Take me!
Kokoro Home Aug1
It's hot! When I say that, you should prepare a drink for me!
Kokoro Home Aug2
September Hey, hey, call me Ko-ko-ro.
Kokoro Home Sep1
It's my birthday! Celebrate it in a grand scale!
Kokoro Home Sep2
October I'm holding an autumn festival of melon bread! It's an annual event!
Kokoro Home Oct1
Prepare an extraordinarily cute outfit for my Halloween costume!
Kokoro Home Oct2
November It's the autumn of sports, isn't it? I feel like doing paragliding for the first time in a while!
Kokoro Home Nov1
No~! The playful autumn breeze is trying to lift up my skirt!
Kokoro Home Nov2
December Merry Kokoro-cha~n! Come on! On three! ... One, two, three!
Kokoro Home Dec1
Let's have a toast with champagne. It'll be the non-alcoholic kind, of course.
Kokoro Home Dec2

Notes Edit

  1. Official twitter.
  2. Replaced since the maintenance on November 26.
  3. Implemented since the maintenance on November 26.
  4. Reference to Shinku no ito no en Event Story
  5. Fine Kimonos used for parties
  6. A Japanese phrase used when something tastes really good
  7. From Wikipedia

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