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Kyosuke Momoi
Momoi Kyosuke
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""The deadline, the deadline is here~ Help me..."
Aliases Kyosuke
Innocent One
• Characteristics•
Gender ♂ Male
Age 19
Blood Type O
Birthday September 28th
Height 5'7" or 171 cm
Weight 50 kg
• Professional Information•
Unit ArS
Position Member
• Additional Information•
Family Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Unnamed older Brother
Unnamed younger Sister
Hobby Drawing
Fave Food Chocolate
LeastFave Food Oysters
• Portrayal•
CV Kagura Hiroyuki
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Kyosuke Momoi (桃井恭介 Momoi Kyosuke) is one of the main characters in I-Chu. He is a part of the Idol Unit, ArS, which was the fourth to be introduced in the game.

Profile Description Edit

Kyosuke is very fond of anime and games. He draws illustrations of whatever he likes and uploads them to social networking sites. The truth is, he’s actually an essay manga artist. He uses the other idols, including himself, as models for his illustrations, but that fact isn't known by the others. Although he appears reserved at first glance, he’s actually a cheerful boy. Death Chronos' eccentric appearance often makes him one of Kyosuke’s models.


  • Make a simple self introduction
    • I'm Kyosuke Momoi-- wawa?! Owowow... I fell over~. I'm a manga artist and I-Chu!
  • How did you become an idol?
    • I wondered "Can anyone, even an otaku like me, become an idol?" Also, I might be able to use this experience as a reference for my manga... Ehe ♪
  • Your impression upon meeting the other members?
    • Tora-chan's smile has been beautiful from the first time I met him~ Also he's a treasure for jokes since he has an unexpected nature and behavior!

Personality Edit

To Be Added.

Appearance Edit

Kyosuke is a young man with pink disheveled hair with long bangs falling down the middle and two tufts protruding from the sides. He has bright pink eyes and- besides during lives- wears a pair of red rimmed glasses.

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LE/GR Kyosuke Momoi LE (Momoiro Hero Momoi-kun) Kyosuke Momoi LE (1st Anniversary Scout) Kyosuke Momoi LE (Halloween 2016 Scout) Kyosuke Momoi LE (Amusement Park Scout) Kyosuke Momoi LE (Gods of fortune Scout) Kyosuke Momoi LE (TOYBOX Scout) Kyosuke Momoi LE (Renai Flag↑♥↑KITAA!) Kyosuke Momoi LE (2nd Anniversary Scout) Kyosuke Momoi LE (1st Birthday Scout) Kyosuke Momoi LE

(New Year 2018 Scout) Kyosuke Momoi LE (Momoiro Momoi-kun no koiwazurai) Kyosuke Momoi LE (3rd Anniversary Scout) Kyosuke Momoi LE (2nd Birthday Scout) Kyosuke Momoi LE (X'mas 2018 Scout) Kyosuke Momoi LE (Dark Fairy Tales Scout) Kyosuke Momoi LE (I-Chu x Hello Kitty Scout) Kyosuke Momoi LE (4th Anniversary Scout) Kyosuke Momoi LE

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