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Maniac mode is a harder and more challenging mode for your lives.
To be able to play in maniac mode you have to SSS a song first. That means you need an S score, S combo and S rank before you're able to play on maniac mode.
Access maniac mode on a song by going into the live tab, there you will see a pink icon on songs you have SSS-ed.

Maniac mode access

If you click on it you will see a popup.

Maniac mode

There, you can change the speed of the taps. 0 is the normal speed while with + is faster and - is slower.
The different maniac modes are the same for every song.

  • Mirror

As the name implies, the screen will be mirrored from left to right.
You need a S rank to clear it

  • Mirror cross

The screen is mirrored and the inner and outer tap notes are inverted too.
You need a S rank to clear it

  • Dangerous

You do a live with only one hp.
If you fail you can't use a disk to continue.
Stamina skills don't activate.


A live where you can only tap perfects. If you get a great or good you lose stamina.
You need a perfect full combo to clear it

  • High blind

Clouds will appear in the upper part of the screen to deny you from seeing the notes that come.
You need a S rank to clear it

  • Low blind

Clouds will appear in the lower part of the screen. They won't cover the circles where you tap the notes.
You need a S rank to clear it

  • Move blind

Clouds will appear and move around so you can't see the upper and lower part of the screen.
You need a S rank to clear it

If you clear the maniac challenges you will get a reward which will consist of the Kumakocho cards.
These Kumakocho rewards are only available for songs on the Hard and Expert difficulty.
If you clear all challenges for one song you will get a special reward.

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