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(Profile Story) Mio Yamanobe

Huh~ where did Master go off to I wonder. I swore I saw him go outside~
That's right, during times like this with black magic... but I'm still in the midst of practicing people searching magic.
... By the way, you who've been looking at me since earlier. Do you need me for something?
Could it be, you're searching for Master? I can't overlook that.
Females who approach Master, no matter what type of guy they are they're an enemy.
Before you do anything weird, I'll have to educate you...
Eh? You were looking for me? What for?
Producer... A newbie like you is ours? I can't trust you...
... Hm-, but, if you don't try to seduce Master I guess I can approve of you just a little bit.
But remember okay? If you do anything weird, I'll curse you with my black magic.

Initial R/RR Let's have fun dancing ♪
Second Batch R/RR Unconscious jealousy
Initial SR/UR I will do black magic ♪
New Year SR/UR Kimono ♪ Kimono ♪
Yumeiro Cast Collaboration SR/UR The three's good luck charm
Cultural Festival SR/UR Open! Black magic cafe♪
Second Batch SR/UR Trust's destination
Cyber SR/UR Are those words black magic?
Renai Flag↑♥↑KITAA! SR/UR Kiss across the fingers
Gothic SR/UR Invitation to a parallel universe
Amai Kaori wo Kasanete SR/UR Small devil of the flower garden
Initial LE/GR Mine only
Halloween LE/GR Fascinating Familiar
Teiou e no Rhapsody LE/GR The Rhapsody for the Emperor
June Bride LE/GR Restricting Rainy Day
1st Anniversary LE/GR A magic square that I'll give to you♪
Taisho Roman LE/GR Forbidden Love Earth
X'mas 2016 LE/GR I wish for an eternal love
Shinku no ito no en LE/GR The tie of the deep crimson thread
TOYBOX LE/GR Showdown of cuteness?!
Children's Day LE/GR A koinobori mark of liveliness
2nd Anniversary LE/GR Fingertips message
Hot Springs 2017 LE/GR If love and medicine steam together
Valentine's Day 2018 LE/GR Fate tied chocolate
1st Birthday LE/GR Stay by my side even when I'm not lonely
3rd Anniversary LE/GR Invitation to Darkness
Meikyu Discord LE/GR Labyrinth Discord