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Mutsuki Kururugi
枢木 睦月
Kururugi Mutsuki
Kururugi Mutsuki Twitter Icon
My dream? To be taking naps in the dream world for~ever...zzz...zzz...
Aliases Mutsuki
Kururugi Mutsuki
Older Brother
• Characteristics•
Gender ♂ Male
Age 16
Blood Type B
Birthday January 1st
Height 5'8" or 172 cm
Weight 53
• Professional Information•
Unit TwinkleBell
Position Member
• Additional Information•
Family Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
twin brother Satsuki
Hobby Cooking
Fave Food Cereal
LeastFave Food Chicken Skin
• Portrayal•
CV Takashi Kondō
Mutsuki Kururugi Signature
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Mutsuki Kururugi (枢木 睦月 Kururugi Mutsuki) is one of the main characters in I-Chu. He is a part of the Idol Unit, Twinkle Bell, which was the second to be introduced in the game.

Profile Description Edit

A cool boy, opposite of his younger brother. He doesn’t try to stop anything his brother does, always watching over him instead. A boy who loves to sleep, Mutsuki does things at his own pace. He used to have a weak constitution, so he didn't have playmates aside from Satsuki. Because of that, he has a habit of drawing a line between himself and people that he interacts with. Despite that, he has grown fond of Futami.


  • Make a simple self introduction
    • I'm Mutsuki Kururugi~ I'm Satsuki's older twin. Please cheer us on~ Well then, good night~....zzz...zzz
  • How did you become an idol?
    • It's because Satsuki asked me to~ If your cute little brother says something like that to you, as an older brother, you have to stay by his side, right?
  • Your impression upon meeting the other members?
    • I have to say, thank you for being born as my brother~ Also, thank you for waking me up every morning~

Personality Edit

Mutsuki is an extremely lethargic young boy- unlike his twin brother Satsuki- and is practically always sleeping. He is an airhead with quite a carefree nature- falling asleep and taking a nap whenever and wherever he finds suitable. When he wakes up, it often takes him awhile to take in his surroundings. This nature of his often creates quite a hassle for the producer. Mutsuki is quite fond of his "cute little brother" and not only doesn't mind, but occasionally encourages Satsuki's devilish behavior. Being the older of the two, he wishes for others to see him as the mature and cool one out of the two.

Appearance Edit

Mutsuki has wavy, pale beige hair that is usually slightly ruffled. His hair goes down to the middle of his neck in the back, and the middle of his bangs reaches down just between his eyes. His hair is parted on the right. There is a sky-blue colored highlight in his hair towards the left side of his head. He has pale blue eyes, and he wears pink-rimmed glasses.

Lines Edit

Character Lines
Scout and Idolizing
Scout Wah...*yawn* you called?
Will you become my hugging pillow?
Mutsuki Scout

Mutsuki Scout2
Idolizing Don't look~
Mutsuki Idolize
Regular Mutsuki Kururugi… The cute big brother of Satsuki. Please take care of me~
Mutsuki Home Reg1
Teacher's voice is really nice, so I get sleepy in class~
Mutsuki Home Reg2
My dream? To be taking naps in the dream world for~ever... zzz... zzz...
Mutsuki Home Reg3
I've had a weak body since I was little, so I didn't have any playmates besides Satsuki~
Mutsuki Home Reg4
Why did you become a producer?
Mutsuki Home Reg5
Actually, Satsuki and I switched glasses. They're non-prescription...
Mutsuki Home Reg6
We dyed the streaks in our hair before entering school. They look good, don't they?
Mutsuki Home Reg7
Satsuki always does the laundry while I do the cooking. I'm good at making rolled eggs.
Mutsuki Home Reg8
I'm envious of Futami. Since he's a NEET, he doesn't need to work and can be lazy at home whenever he wants.
Mutsuki Home Reg10
Satsuki's pranks are adorable, so just forgive him.
Mutsuki Home Reg11
When we prank Mashiro he reacts like a surprised cat. He's funny~ File:Mutsuki Home Reg13.ogg
It says that an event has started! Will you go?
Mutsuki Home Event1
The event ended. I had a lot of fun~
Mutsuki Home Event2
Morning~ ...I'm sleeping a little more...zzz File:Mutsuki Home Morning.ogg
Satsuki’s eating his lunch in the courtyard~ I have Producer’s share too. File:Mutsuki Home Afternoon.ogg
Almost time to go home. I wonder what’ll be good for dinner~? File:Mutsuki Home Evening.ogg
I hope I can smile with Satsuki and you tomorrow too, Producer. Good night. File:Mutsuki Home Night.ogg
January I got pocket money for my birthday so I'll go shopping for clothes with Satsuki~ File:Mutsuki Home 3Jan1.ogg
The kotatsu won't... let go... of me... Zzz~ File:Mutsuki Home 3Jan2.ogg
New year and our birthday are on the same day. Shall us three celebrate it together? File:Mutsuki Home 3Jan3.ogg
February Ah, purrducer, it's me Mewtsuki~ How do I look? File:Mutsuki Home 3Feb1.ogg
I'll eat Ehomaki with Satsuki today. Can class end already~ File:Mutsuki Home 3Feb2.ogg
March When spring comes I become sleepy, it's troublesome~
Mutsuki Home 3Mar1
I wonder if I can make some Konpeito. They're so sweet and tasty~
Mutsuki Home 3Mar2
Satsuki does pranks 365 days a year so staying with him is always tons of fun.
Mutsuki Home 3Mar3
I made chocolate. Here's some for you. Eh, you have chocolate for me too?
Mutsuki Home 3Mar4
Here's my return gift. I made it together with Satsuki so make sure to savor it.
Mutsuki Home 3Mar5
April Go go Satsuki~♪ I will cheer for Seiya just a little bit too.
Mutsuki Home 3Apr1
We are aiming to become the invincible twins even with Kung-Fu. Aiya ♪
Mutsuki Home 3Apr2
Big bro Satsuki ♪ Hm, doesn't sound bad~
Mutsuki Home 3Apr3
May May blues has nothing to do with me.
Mutsuki Home 3May1
Golden Week was made to sleep all day~
Mutsuki Home 3May2
I hung up two Koinoboris, with mine and Satsuki's colors. Want to see them? File:Mutsuki Home 3May3.ogg
June When we were small, Satsuki would mistake umbrellas for swords and play with them. He has broken a few of them~ File:Mutsuki Home 3Jun1.ogg
Sharing an umbrella with my dear Satsuki~ I'll get a small umbrella so we stay close to each other ♪ File:Mutsuki Home 3Jun2.ogg
July When it's hot and I can't sleep, Satsuki will fan me with a hand-held paper fan. File:Mutsuki Home 3Jul1.ogg
Nn~ ...I'm underneath the parasol so you can come play here~ File:Mutsuki Home 3Jul2.ogg
May I stay together with you and Satsuki forever. I'll make this wish too. File:Mutsuki Home 3Jul3.ogg
August Pikarin was dancing the courtyard saying, "I'm beautiful even when the heat wins!"~ File:Mutsuki Home 3Aug1.ogg
Satsuki planned a whole lot of pranks at the end of summer~ File:Mutsuki Home 3Aug2.ogg
September I made some tsukimi dangos and went moon-viewing with Satsuki. Yawn~ I'm getting sleepy… File:Mutsuki Home 3Sep1.ogg
Will we have consecutive holidays this year? File:Mutsuki Home 3Sep2.ogg
October They're roasting sweet potatoes in the garden~ No wonder I sense a nice smell. File:Mutsuki Home 3Oct1.ogg
I'm going to check for prank gadgets together with Satsuki after school. Do you want to come too? File:Mutsuki Home 3Oct2.ogg
Seeing Satsuki so happy during Halloween makes me happy too. File:Mutsuki Home 3Oct3.ogg
November I wonder who will be the first victim of Satsuki's pitfalls~ Akio-kun maybe? File:Mutsuki Home 3Nov1.ogg
Satsuki, are you dressed properly? Make sure not to catch a cold. File:Mutsuki Home 3Nov2.ogg
December Look, snow! It's sparkling just like you~ File:Mutsuki Home 3Dec1.ogg
Every year I hold a party with Satsuki on December~ I made a really big cake. File:Mutsuki Home 3Dec2.ogg
Merry Christmas. Let's eat cake and sleep together. File:Mutsuki Home 3Dec3.ogg
Spending this year with everyone was really fun~ I'm looking forward to next year~ File:Mutsuki Home 3Dec4.ogg
Start Menu I-Chu!
Mutsuki Start Menu
Download While we wait, how about we sleep together?
Mutsuki Download
Story Choose the story of your liking.
Mutsuki Story
Main Story What chapter do you want to see?
This story is okay, isn't it?
Mutsuki Main Story2
Love Story It says 'love story'. You might see nice dreams~
Mutsuki Love Story1
Do you want to talk with me in the land of dreams?
Mutsuki Love Story2
Shop Welcome~
Mutsuki Shop
Disk Purchase What do you plan on buying?
Friend Do you want to see info about your friends?
Mutsuki Friend
Other It's said that you can do many things here~
During Lives
1st Skill Lines
R/RR Start I'm still sleepy.
Mutsuki RRR Start
Skill Alley-oops.
Mutsuki RRR Skill1
Infusion of energy~
Mutsuki RRR Skill2
It's great~
Mutsuki RRR Skill3
Clear Maybe I woke up.
Mutsuki RRR Clear
Affection Gain Won't you take a nap with me?
Mutsuki RRR AffectGain
SR/UR Start Satsuki will be with us, right!?
Mutsuki SRUR Start
Skill Let's hold hands.
Mutsuki SRUR Skill1
I'll start doing my best now.
Mutsuki SRUR Skill2
I'll support you, so hang in there.
Mutsuki SRUR Skill3
Clear It's surprisingly easy.
Mutsuki SRUR Clear
Affection Gain I want you to slowly learn about me~
Mutsuki SRUR AffectGain
LE/GR Start Seems the live is starting.
Mutsuki LEGR Start
Skill Babanbabanbanba~n♪
Mutsuki LEGR Skill1
Being by your side makes me feel like I can sleep comfortably.
Mutsuki LEGR Skill2
As long as Satsuki is here, there's nothing to be scared of!
Mutsuki LEGR Skill3
Clear Fun times end so fast.
Mutsuki LEGR Clear
Affection Gain Give me your lo~ve!
Mutsuki LEGR AffectGain
2nd Skill Lines
SR/UR Skill I'm not tired.
Mutsuki SRUR2 Skill1
Love injection!
Mutsuki SRUR2 Skill2
Two hearts beating as one!
Mutsuki SRUR2 Skill3
LE/GR Skill If I'm with Satsuki, I'll do my best.
Mutsuki LEGR2 Skill1
Twinkle time!
Mutsuki LEGR2 Skill2
I woke up.
Mutsuki LEGR2 Skill3
3rd Skill Lines
SR/UR Skill File:Mutsuki SRUR3 Skill1.ogg
File:Mutsuki SRUR3 Skill2.ogg
File:Mutsuki SRUR3 Skill3.ogg
LE/GR Skill I can go anywhere if I'm together with Satsuki.
Mutsuki LEGR3 Skill1
Do you want to see my amazing side?
Mutsuki LEGR3 Skill2
Maybe, I should get serious...
Mutsuki LEGR3 Skill3
Old Homepage lines
2nd Monthly Lines
January You're so lucky. You got to be Satsuki's first prank victim of the year.
Mutsuki Home 2Jan1
If I'm together with Satsuki, then it's not cold.
Mutsuki Home 2Jan2
February Satsuki asked me to make chocolate. I'll give you some too.
Mutsuki Home 2Feb1
The snowball seems to have hit Seiya. Ah, he's running after us.
Mutsuki Home 2Feb2
March Spring is coming~ I'll be sleeping~
Mutsuki Home 2Mar1
Flower viewing~ Rather than flowers, rather than dangos, I prefer afternoon naps~
Mutsuki Home 2Mar2
April There's no way that Satsuki would stop pulling pranks! Don't mind him, Akio~
Mutsuki Home 2Apr1
Are Easter eggs raw or boiled?
Mutsuki Home 2Apr2
May Satsuki is cheerfully pulling pranks today, too.
Mutsuki Home 2May1
It's Golden Week, right? Then I can sleep~
Mutsuki Home 2May2
June When I was small I would go out while wearing a matching raincoat with Satsuki.
Mutsuki Home 2Jun1
If it's raining then I can stay home and sleep~
Mutsuki Home 2Jun2
July I prefer to stay under the parasol and watch Satsuki swim~
Mutsuki Home 2Jul1
I got a candy apple from Futami~ Hm... Fufu, it's delicious~
Mutsuki Home 2Jul2
August Nn... It's hot and I can't sleep well... Turn the electric fan over here...
Mutsuki Home 2Aug1
The sound of wind chimes is calming~
Mutsuki Home 2Aug2
September When I wanted to give some manju to Waka-sama, he said that it was scary and ran away.
Mutsuki Home 2Sep1
Satsuki, you shouldn't sleep with your stomach uncovered or you'll get cold. Summer is ending, after all.
Mutsuki Home 2Sep2
October This year, I'm matching costumes with Satsuki again~ We'll prank you, so give us sweets!
Mutsuki Home 2Oct1
There's this prank where you put mustard in the sweets. I have to teach it to Satsuki.
Mutsuki Home 2Oct2
November Shall I use the recipe that Aoi gave me for today's evening meal~?
Mutsuki Home 2Nov1
I wonder why autumn leaf hunting is called autumn leaf hunting~
Mutsuki Home 2Nov2
December If I'm together with Satsuki, the year goes by so fast. We will still keep being together from now on.
Mutsuki Home 2Dec1
Merry Christmas! Satsuki is a good kid, so Santa Claus will surely come!
Mutsuki Home 2Dec2
1st Monthly Lines
January Happy New Year~ I can't get out of the kotatsu~
Mutsuki Home Jan1
Satsuki, don't kick me in the kotatsu~
Mutsuki Home Jan2
February Congratulations on finding a job where you pretend to be a demon for Setsubun celebrations, Futami.
Mutsuki Home Feb1
Chocolate? I made chocolate too. Let's exchange them.
Mutsuki Home Feb2
March I prepared the food for flower viewing. There's karaage, tamagoyaki and dangos, so come here.
Mutsuki Home Mar1
Spring in full bloom. Sleep....important...zzz...zzz
Mutsuki Home Mar2
April Actually, I'm not Satsuki's twin....No, I don't wanna say it even if it's a lie...
Mutsuki Home Apr1
Satsuki's eyes are shining on April Fool's~
Mutsuki Home Apr2
May I'm making some kashiwamochi since Satsuki requested it. Do you want one?
Mutsuki Home May1
The koinoboris swimming in the sky are so nice.
Mutsuki Home May2
June I have migraines during rainy days, so I don't really like them...
Mutsuki Home Jun1-16
Oh, Satsuki, you forgot your folding umbrella again....It can't be helped, then.
Mutsuki Home Jun2-16
July Normal firework noises surprise me a lot, so I prefer sparklers.
Mutsuki Home Jul1
Satsuki's fashion sense is original and interesting, isn't it? He chooses my clothes, too.
Mutsuki Home Jul2
August Uff, Satsuki will never learn. I lose him every year during the festival...
Mutsuki Home Aug1
Satsuki always copies my homework, not that I mind that much.
Mutsuki Home Aug2
September Do you want to eat dango together? The mitarashi dango tastes salty yet sweet.
Mutsuki Home Sep1
Long ago, I used to tell Satsuki a story of werewolves coming out during the full moon...
Mutsuki Home Sep2
October I got a lot of pumpkins so let's make pumpkin croquettes...
Mutsuki Home Oct1
Trick or treat... I got candy so I'll give it to Satsuki.
Mutsuki Home Oct2
November Satsuki always gets in the way of my reading... How cute.
Mutsuki Home Nov1
People talk about an autumn appetite, but my appetite doesn't really increase...
Mutsuki Home Nov2
December Merry Christmas... I'm satisfied since Satsuki looks happy with the cake I made.
Mutsuki Home Dec1
A cold day like this reminds me of the time when I could only stay in bed; it's uncomfortable...
Mutsuki Home Dec2

EditTwinkleBell Mutsuki Kururugi's Cards
R/RR Mutsuki Kururugi R (Second Batch) Mutsuki Kururugi R
SR/UR Mutsuki Kururugi SR (Second Batch) Mutsuki Kururugi SR (Halloween scout) Mutsuki Kururugi SR (New Year Scout) Mutsuki Kururugi SR (Sports Festival Scout) Mutsuki Kururugi SR (Cultural Festival Scout) Mutsuki Kururugi SR (Flower Viewing 2017 Scout) Mutsuki Kururugi SR (Shakunetsu no Heat&Attack) Mutsuki Kururugi SR (Detective Scout) Mutsuki Kururugi SR (Kakushigoto wo yubisaki ni himete) Mutsuki Kururugi SR
LE/GR Mutsuki Kururugi LE (Ocean event scout) Mutsuki Kururugi LE (Koakuma no Himegoto) Mutsuki Kururugi LE (Part-time Job Scout) Mutsuki Kururugi LE (1st Anniversary Scout) Mutsuki Kururugi LE (Arabian Scout) Mutsuki Kururugi LE (X'mas 2016 Scout) Mutsuki Kururugi LE (Shinnen sakidori kokekokko!) Mutsuki Kururugi LE (White Day Scout) Mutsuki Kururugi LE (Grandmaster Scout) Mutsuki Kururugi LE

(2nd Anniversary Scout) Mutsuki Kururugi LE (Zettai Ousei Selfishness) Mutsuki Kururugi LE (A3! Collaboration) Mutsuki Kururugi LE (Amusement Park 2017 Scout) Mutsuki Kururugi LE (1st Birthday Scout) Mutsuki Kururugi LE (Valentine's Day 2018 Scout) Mutsuki Kururugi LE (Crossdresser Scout) Mutsuki Kururugi LE (June Bride 2018 Scout) Mutsuki Kururugi LE (3rd Anniversary Scout) Mutsuki Kururugi LE (2nd Birthday Scout) Mutsuki Kururugi LE (New Year 2019 Scout) Mutsuki Kururugi LE

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