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Onimaru Takara
多加良 鬼丸
Takara Onimaru
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"Stop it! Unlike you I'm a full fledged man, A MAN! So don't try to make me wear girl clothes!"
• Characteristics•
Gender ♂ Male
Age 35
Blood Type B
Birthday May 10th
Height 162 cm
Weight 48 kg
• Professional Information•
Unit MG9 Logo
Position Manager of POP'N STAR
Part-time teacher
• Portrayal•
CV Takato Nagata
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Onimaru Takara (多加良 鬼丸 Takara Onimaru) is one of the characters in I-Chu. He is a part of the Manager Unit MG9 and the manager for POP'N STAR.

Profile Description Edit

POP'N STAR's manager. Unlike his young appearance, he's a man you can rely on. To seal away his dark history of being an ex-net idol, he now tries to bring out his manly appeal. Because he has big round eyes that fit girls well, he is often teased by Go, Kokoro and the others. He is an active backstage hair stylist.

Personality Edit

Appearance Edit

Voiced LinesEdit

Character Lines
Scout and Idolizing
Scout Leave eeeeverything to me! File:Onimaru Scout.ogg
Idolizing File:Onimaru Idolize.ogg
Regular I’m Onimaru Takara! If you want to become beautiful then come to me! File:Onimaru Home Reg1.ogg
I. am. a. man! I’m not a crossdresser like the lot of you!! File:Onimaru Home Reg2.ogg
Stopー it! Don’t try to make me wear cute clothes!! File:Onimaru Home Reg3.ogg
Kokoro! I bought new cosmetics so let me try them out on you. File:Onimaru Home Reg4.ogg
Runa. Your real hair is very smooth as well, what kind of treatment do you use? File:Onimaru Home Reg5.ogg
Momosuke! Don’t eat gyudon while you’re wearing clothes for the shooting! You’ll spill juice on them! File:Onimaru Home Reg6.ogg
Ma- Mashiro! Don’t get cocky just because you know about my secret!! File:Onimaru Home Reg7.ogg
Junta! Let’s go eat something sweet together! It’s my treat today! File:Onimaru Home Reg8.ogg
Kanata’s Rabirabi… is so cute…. Huh!? You’re wrongー don’t misunderstand! File:Onimaru Home Reg9.ogg
File:Onimaru Home Reg10.ogg
File:Onimaru Home Reg11.ogg
An event is being held! I'm not going to lose to the other guys! Let's enjoy it together!
The event has ended. Well, you did your best didn't you?
Hup! If I’m not cheerful in the morning I will be under the weather the whole day!
Are you going to bed already? Is it okay if I... stay with you for a bit longer?
January My new year's resolution is to bring out POP'N STAR's potential even more. File:Onimaru Home Jan1.ogg
I'm not putting on a kimono for women! I'm a man! File:Onimaru Home Jan2.ogg
February I thought I'd help out with making chocolates but I can't do it at all! File:Onimaru Home Feb1.ogg
Give chocolates to me too! I'm on the receiving end today! File:Onimaru Home Feb2.ogg
March Spring is around the corner. I'll teach you all about spring makeup! File:Onimaru Home Mar1.ogg
July May I become manlier... May I never be forced to wear female clothes... File:Onimaru Home Jul1.ogg
Just because the weather is hot you shouldn't slack off when it comes to fashion. File:Onimaru Home Jul2.ogg
August Haah!? There's no way I'll wear a women's swimsuit! File:Onimaru Home Aug1.ogg
File:Onimaru Home Aug2.ogg
September When I think of autumn I think of reading! It's fun to read fashion magazines. File:Onimaru Home Sep1.ogg
File:Onimaru Home Sep2.ogg
October I'll have to buy some winter clothes soon! Would you... like to go together? File:Onimaru Home Oct1.ogg
My costume has a skirt though! This is Go's doing isn't it!? File:Onimaru Home Oct2.ogg
November Be careful to not let your skin and hair dry out! File:Onimaru Home Nov1.ogg
File:Onimaru Home Nov2.ogg
December Hey, seems like the cold's getting to you. I'll lend you my scarf. File:Onimaru Home Dec1.ogg
I thought you looked lonely so I got you a gift! File:Onimaru Home Dec2.ogg
Mashiro is still glued to his games even though it's New Year's Eve.... File:Onimaru Home Dec3.ogg

Notes Edit

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