Yuzuki Asahina
朝比奈 柚希
Asahina Yuzuki
Producer icon
Aliases Producer
• Characteristics•
Gender Female
Age 25
• Professional Information•
Position Producer/Teacher
• Portrayal•
CV Megumi Toyoguchi
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Default name: Yuzuki Asahina
A producer working hard every day to make the I-Chu’s into full-fledged idols. She works as a producer but also as a teacher in the academy.

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History Edit

She was an I-Chu herself in her high school years, together with Kuro Yakaku. Kuro's sister used to be their producer, however she died due to an accident. This was such a shock for Yuzuki that she became unable to sing and dance. Kumakocho suggested that Yuzuki becomes a producer instead, which she accepts.

Trivia Edit

  • Issei mentions she is the same age as him, and Takamichi mentions her age in the second chapter of his Pool scout LE/GR affection story.
  • Her birthday is the same as the player's.
  • Her grandmother owns a dango shop.
  • She had a close female friend in high school and people would mistakenly think that the two were dating.
  • Knows Lancelot and Kuro since high school.
  • In Takamichi's Initial R/RR affection story and in Issei's initial R/RR affection story it is shown that she convinced Kumakocho to make her Lancelot's producer.

Kumakocho icon
Aliases Kuma
• Characteristics•
Gender Male
Height 190 cm
• Professional Information•
Position President
• Additional Information•
Family Lucas (Son)
• Portrayal•
CV Akio Otsuka
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Kuma, the French president of the company. It seems he was an amazing idol in the past. He’s 190 cm tall.

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Koi no Macaron C'est la vie

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Yuri Hazama
硲 ユーリ
Hazama Yuri
Yuri Hazama icon
• Characteristics•
Gender Male
Age 18
Blood Type B
Birthday November 23rd
Height 5′9'' or 177cm
Weight 63kg
• Professional Information•
Unit Usami Entertainment Logo
Position Idol
• Additional Information•
Family Unnamed father and mother
Hobby Visiting aquariums, watching stageplays
Fave Food Bahn Mi
LeastFave Food Kimchi
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An idol at Usami Entertainment Office
His artist is 煮たか (Nitaka)

"I want to say 'I like you' to any person I like, regardless of their gender"

A thoroughbred person with exceptional talent! A second generation star with an overflowing character!

A beautiful boy with a kind personality. Both his parents are famous entertainers, which gave him popularity as second generation of the family. Gender plays no role in his feelings. ''I don't hold back on telling people that I like them'' is his favorite motto. He's originally from an unit, but he has many special solo activities. This is because Usami ent. wants to prioritize him because of his position.

Appearance Edit

The following section includes spoilers for the main story. Please proceed with caution.

Yuri appeared in the third season of the main story as an idol under Usami Entertainment Office. Rintaro became his later-assigned manager.

Yuri Hazama


Masaki Aido (愛童真咲)
Seiya's older sister.
Shows up in the Guren no Fushichou novel, as well as in chapter 4 of the Seiya no hoshi ni negai wo Event Story.
Works as a hair stylist.
Masaki Aido

Souta Minato (湊颯汰)
Kanata's 5 year old brother.
Appears in the Guren no Fushichou novel.

Natasha and Lilya (ナターシャ & リリア)
Rabi's sisters.
Appear in Rabi's chapter of the FanxFunxGift ♪ novel.

Kaede, Sachie, Madoka and Nanaho Tobikura (鳶倉カエデ, 鳶倉サチエ, 鳶倉マドカ & 鳶倉ナナホ)
Akio's older sisters.
Show up in the FanxFunxGift ♪♪ 2 novel.

Sachie owns a bar, Madoka is an actress and Nanaho is a big fan of Alchemist, especially Saku Uruha.
Kaede is the one with the side ponytail, Sachie with light hair, Madoka with short hair and Nanaho with the twin tails.

Akios Sisters

Hibari Sanzenin (三千院雲雀)
Takamichi's older sister.
Appears in Shiki's Flower shower de Shukufuku o Event Story, as well as Takamichi's Unmei no Kiss shot event, and affection story.

Owns a clothing brand.

Kanna Rindo (竜胆栞菜)
Tsubaki's younger step-sister.
Appears in the Nihon Danji Event Story.
In the main story Labyrinthe chapter 28, it is confirmed that she will inherit the Rindo household.

Motonari Rindo
Tsubaki's father.
Appears in the Tsuikai no Gentiana Event Story.

Yachiru Honoki (朴木八千流)
Toya's twin sister.
Appears in Leon's Eikoku Shinshi no mittsu no kokoroe Event Story.

Kiyoka Yakaku (夜鶴白花)
Kuro's older sister.
Used to be Kuro's and Yuzuki's producer when they were I-Chu in high school. Died in a car accident.

Shinji Usami (宇佐美 真司)
UJ's Father

President of Usami Entertainment Office

Shinji Usami Fullbody

Side CharactersEdit

Kasukabe (春日部)
A reporter working for the magazine "NICE DAY".
Shows up first in Labyrinthe Chapter 19-2.

Yang (楊)
Chaoyang's former piano teacher.
Shows up first in Labyrinthe Chapter 18-2.

Renji Hachisuka (蜂須賀レンジ)
Works for the Rindo family.
Shows up in Labyrinthe Chapter 23-3.

Kenta Nagasone (長曽祢ケンタ)
Works for the Rindo family.
Shows up in the Shinobi shinobare onmitsusha Event Story.

Kiku (菊)
An acquaintance of Tsubaki.
Shows up in chapter 2 of Tsubaki's New Year 2017 LE/GR affection story.

Sebastian (セバスチャン)
Noah's personal butler.
Appears in the Kouya no Frontier Event Story and also in Seiya and Noah's childhood chapter in the FanxFunxGift ♪ novel.

Xióngmāo Sage
A chinese movie director. Appears in the Xiaoxiongmao Yuugi Event Story

Giant Xióngmāo Sage
A karate teacher. Master of Xióngmāo Sage. Appears in the Xiaoxiongmao Yuugi Event Story

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