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"My group consists of people from all different countries, but our bonds are deep."
Aliases Rabi
• Characteristics•
Gender ♂ Male
Age 17
Blood Type O
Birthday July 13th
Height 6'0" or 182 cm
Weight 67 kg
• Professional Information•
Unit Ib
Position Member
• Additional Information•
Family Yuri (Father)
Unnamed Mother
Natasha (Older Sister)
Liliya (Younger Sister)
Hobby Reading
Fave Food Borscht
LeastFave Food Beech Muschrooms
• Portrayal•
CV Naoya Nakanishi
Rabi Signature
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Rabi (ラビ Rabi) is one of the main characters in I-Chu. He is a part of the Idol Unit, I♥B, which was the third to be introduced in the game.

Profile Description Edit

The group’s mediator. He cares for the group more deeply than the others. He gives off the impression of a gentle older brother, despite being a reformed delinquent. Though he seems normal, he used to do heavy metal performances. He's a transfer student from Russia. He gets along well with Tsubaki Rindo, and they often talk a lot.

Interview Edit

  • Make a simple self-introduction.
    • I'm Rabi. I come from Russia. All of us band members are the same age, yet I honestly appear older……I wonder, do I have an old-looking face?
  • How did you become an idol?
    • The president reached out to me while I was still getting over a certain thing. I didn't know about his costume as a bear so I was surprised.
  • Your impression upon meeting the other members?
    • Chaoyang is shy, but I think he's really a guy with a passionate heart. He might be the one I talk to the most.

Personality Edit

Contrary to his big, slightly intimidating stature, Rabi is a kind young man who acts quite protective and caring toward his fellow band members, especially so towards Li Chaoyang, who he initially perceived as a meek and socially withdrawn boy that needed lots of encouragement from friends to open up. However, traces of his former delinquent days still remain, and Rabi's protective instincts can slip into violent rages when he sees the people he cares about being harmed by someone else. However, after each outburst, Rabi seems to regret showing his darker side to others, hinting that he is trying hard to move on from his past.

Appearance Edit

Rabi has long white hair which reaches down his back, with shorter sections at the top of his head. His fringe is cut above eye level. He has blue eyes.

He possesses a red drum set, which is shown in his God Rare Card. He is often seen holding his drumsticks.

Lines Edit

Character Lines
Scout and Idolizing
Scout Yah! Are you surprised?
Can you leave the manual labor to me?
Rabi Scout

Rabi Scout2
Idolizing Did I change that much?
Rabi Idolize
Regular I'm Rabi. The guys in the group are all from different countries, but our bonds are strong.
Rabi Home Reg1
I'm usually the drummer, but sometimes I write lyrics too.
Rabi Home Reg2
I like the color blue. Japan has something called "ultramarine blue", right?
Rabi Home Reg3
Producer, I got something to eat. If it's okay with you, can we eat it together?
Rabi Home Reg4
We always talked using SNS. We talked about forming a band one day...
Rabi Home Reg5
Noah again... no, it's nothing, he always smiles when he's angry... ahaha.
Rabi Home Reg6
That Leon, he disappeared again after seeing a girl...
Rabi Home Reg7
I don't know what to do about Chaoyang's habit of being scared... I'm worried...
Rabi Home Reg8
I talk about European bands with Lucas a lot. We get along well.
Rabi Home Reg9
Kanata calls me Rabirabi, you know? Isn't it a bit too cute for me?
Rabi Home Reg10
Go complimented my white skin. H- He's not planning to make me wear girl clothes, right? File:Rabi Home Reg11.ogg
I was wondering why the ruckus, but it seems there's an event ongoing.
Rabi Home Event1
Good job. The performance turned out great thanks to you.
Rabi Home Event2
Hah?? Go away...... Just five more minutes......zzzz....... File:Rabi Home Morning.ogg
File:Rabi Home Afternoon.ogg
Good work. Today was difficult too, huh. Why don’t you take a relaxing bath? File:Rabi Home Evening.ogg
No matter how the day goes, I'm happy as long as I can spend it with you. ...Good night. File:Rabi Home Night.ogg
January I’m used to cold weather, so I’m perfectly fine. But you should be careful not to catch a cold, okay? File:Rabi Home 3Jan1.ogg
Leon’s face is covered in ink again this year. Hanetsuki really isn’t that hard, though... File:Rabi Home 3Jan2.ogg
Happy new year. Let’s make it a good year, okay? File:Rabi Home 3Jan3.ogg
February Leon kept running away so I took it seriously without noticing... I swear, I held back when throwing the beans. File:Rabi Home 3Feb1.ogg
Will Lucas and Leon ever grow tired of always getting into fights? File:Rabi Home 3Feb2.ogg
March The cherry trees have started blossoming. Look, over there. Can you see them?
Rabi Home 3Mar1
You can do the decoration at least, right Lucas? It will be fine.
Rabi Home 3Mar2
This Hina doll holding the taiko drum is like me.
Rabi Home 3Mar3
It's heart-shaped chocolate this year...! Thank you. Wait for my return gift, okay?
Rabi Home 3Mar4
I tried making a return gift myself. Will you accept it?
Rabi Home 3Mar5
April Maybe it's because of the new students in the Kung-fu class, but Satsuki and Mutsuki look really motivated.
Rabi Home 3Apr1
It feels like only yesterday I entered this school...
Rabi Home 3Apr2
Chaoyang!! I'm gonna defeat you and take the top of this school for myself!!
Rabi Home 3Apr3
May The Kabuto helmet that Noah put on our house seems to become more extravagant with each passing year.
Rabi Home 3May1
Chaoyang is still wearing his muffler. It's time to take it off...
Rabi Home 3May2
I bought a Koinobori together with Noah. I hope Chaoyang will be happy.... File:Rabi Home 3May3.ogg
June Come under my umbrella. I bought a big one to match my height. File:Rabi Home 3Jun1.ogg
I don't dislike the rainy season. Having four seasons is one of Japan's charms. File:Rabi Home 3Jun2.ogg
July I bought sparklers. Will you light them with me? File:Rabi Home 3Jul1.ogg
The sunlight is really strong today, so I can’t forget to put on sunscreen. Here, you too. File:Rabi Home 3Jul2.ogg
Did you write your wish? I'll hang it to the highest place. File:Rabi Home 3Jul3.ogg
August I took a nap, and when I woke up, my hair was tied back. Who did this...? File:Rabi Home 3Aug1.ogg
I’m good at shooting games. Are there any prizes you want? File:Rabi Home 3Aug2.ogg
September Having an eating contest is fine, but I think doing it with jjigae may have been a mistake... File:Rabi Home 3Sep1.ogg
It’s nice to eat outside once in a while. I wonder if the courtyard is open? File:Rabi Home 3Sep2.ogg
October I saw some of the I-Kids putting up Halloween decorations. File:Rabi Home 3Oct1.ogg
This is a yakiimo, Lucas. You break it in half like this to eat it. File:Rabi Home 3Oct2.ogg
Will you wear a Halloween costume? Let's do pranks together. File:Rabi Home 3Oct3.ogg
November The ground here seems kinda’s probably one of Satsuki’s traps... File:Rabi Home 3Nov1.ogg
When I look at the pretty autumn leaves, I feel like I could come up with some good poems... File:Rabi Home 3Nov2.ogg
December Shino said that he wanted to learn skiing so I'm going to teach him. File:Rabi Home 3Dec1.ogg
Everyone is powerless before the kotatsu, just like every year... File:Rabi Home 3Dec2.ogg
I'm happy I could spend Christmas with you. Merry Christmas. File:Rabi Home 3Dec3.ogg
Thank you for everything. Next year I'll work hard to repay the favor. File:Rabi Home 3Dec4.ogg
Start Menu I-Chu!
Rabi Start Menu
Download I'd like to meet you as soon as possible.
Rabi Download
Story Let's read a story!
Rabi Story
Main Story This chapter looks good.
Choose freely.
Rabi Main Story2
Love Story Did you know that it's a love story?
Rabi Love Story1
What story are you interested in? I'm interested in you.
Rabi Love Story2
Shop This is the shop.
Rabi Shop
Disk Purchase Did they have what you wanted to buy?
Friend If I remember correctly friend's information was here... Right, right, it's here.
Rabi Friend
Other It seems you can do a lot of things.
During Lives
1st Skill Lines
R/RR Start Of course you'll be with me, right?
Rabi RRR Start
Skill I will support you so hang in there!
Rabi RRR Skill1
Etch this beat into your mind!
Rabi RRR Skill2
Follow me!
Rabi RRR Skill3
Clear Let's do the next one together too!
Rabi RRR Clear
Affection Gain I'm satisfied as long as you're here.
Rabi RRR AffectGain
SR/UR Start I have to do this properly.
Rabi SRUR Start
Skill Let's go!
Rabi SRUR Skill1
Osh! One more go!
Rabi SRUR Skill2
This is starting to feel awesome!
Rabi SRUR Skill3
Clear Haa, I was so nervous.
Rabi SRUR Clear
Affection Gain Look, isn't my heart beating violently?
Rabi SRUR AffectGain
LE/GR Start It's time for a fun live!
Rabi LEGR Start
Skill No one can stop me!
Rabi LEGR Skill1
Kh... not yet!
Rabi LEGR Skill2
I'm all fired up now!
Rabi LEGR Skill3
Clear Is it okay if I ask for one more?
Rabi LEGR Clear
Affection Gain Aha! My face is a bit hot.
Rabi LEGR AffectGain
2nd Skill Lines
SR/UR Skill I will give everything!
Rabi SRUR2 Skill1
That's a good rhythm!
Rabi SRUR2 Skill2
I've never lost one-on-one battles
Rabi SRUR2 Skill3
LE/GR Skill Alright, from here on it's the highlight!
Rabi LEGR2 Skill1
I know you can get more excited than that!
Rabi LEGR2 Skill2
I will protect you!
Rabi LEGR2 Skill3
3rd Skill Lines
SR/UR Skill Don't worry, I'm with you.
Rabi SRUR3 Skill1
Let's do some warm-up exercises.
Rabi SRUR3 Skill2
As expected!
Rabi SRUR3 Skill3
LE/GR Skill Chaoyang, I'll move forward together with you!
Rabi LEGR3 Skill1
Let's start running!
Rabi LEGR3 Skill2
You will regret it if you stand in front of me.
Rabi LEGR3 Skill3
Old Homepage lines
2nd Monthly Lines
January Leon is the type to lose, so his face is full of ink... I'm talking about hagoita, you know?
Rabi Home 2Jan1
When I go back home next time, maybe I'll bring a kotatsu to my family as a souvenir.
Rabi Home 2Jan2
February Does Issei being surrounded by cats over there have anything to do with the fact that today is cat's day?
Rabi Home 2Feb1
Rabbit-shaped chocolate... Are you giving me the Rabirabi treatment too?
Rabi Home 2Feb2
March This is unusual, Lucas is taking an afternoon nap. I wish he'd at least relax his expression when he's sleeping...
Rabi Home 2Mar1
I want to kidnap you, together with these cherry blossoms.
Rabi Home 2Mar2
April When it's cold it feels like my homeplace so I'm used to it, but warm weather is nice too.
Rabi Home 2Apr1
Noah is easy to confuse. He's a really pure guy.
Rabi Home 2Apr2
May Maybe it's because of Children's Day, but Leon is being more excited than usual.
Rabi Home 2May1
Kashiwa mochi is delicious.
Rabi Home 2May2
June Is it true that Hydrangea flowers have poison in them? I heard it from Chaoyang.
Rabi Home 2Jun1
I have an umbrella. Shall we go back together?
Rabi Home 2Jun2
July A shooting game, huh...I think I'll win that plush toy for Chaoyang.
Rabi Home 2Jul1
If I don't put on sunscreen properly my skin becomes red.
Rabi Home 2Jul2
August Hah! ... Huh, you don't use your fists to smash the watermelon but a pole?
Rabi Home 2Aug1
I don't feel like I'm getting used to this heat. I wonder if I should cut my hair...
Rabi Home 2Aug2
September 3 more months until this year ends...The time flies by so fast when spent with you
Rabi Home 2Sep1
I have to tell them that I don't live in the moon like the rabbits and that I won't go back in the moon either...
Rabi Home 2Sep2
October It would certainly be fun if we had a live all wearing costumes!
Rabi Home 2Oct1
Trick or Treat! I tried wearing a Frankenstein costume!
Rabi Home 2Oct2
November I've been invited by Tsubaki to eat hot pot so I'm going.
Rabi Home 2Nov1
It's the season of the autumn leaves. Shall we go to see them in a nearby park?
Rabi Home 2Nov2
December Since I'm the tallest, putting the star on top of the tree is my job.
Rabi Home 2Dec1
Chaoyang is a good boy, so Santa Claus will surely come.
Rabi Home 2Dec2
1st Monthly Lines
January Happy New Year. I'd like to always be with you this year too.
Rabi Home Jan1
So, a kite can fly that high, huh~?
Rabi Home Jan2
February I would like chocolate from you. Come on, please!
Rabi Home Feb1
This cold's only the beginning.
Rabi Home Feb2
March The cherry trees are in full bloom! This sight is beautiful, isn't it....
Rabi Home Mar1
I want to eat dangos while flower viewing.
Rabi Home Mar2
April It's so nice and warm.... Ah! Sorry, I fell asleep!
Rabi Home Apr1
The girls wearing spring clothes are really cute, aren't they!
Rabi Home Apr2
May The kids are all excited and cute.
Rabi Home May1
The Koinoboris look like they're swimming in the sky so happily.
Rabi Home May2
June On rainy days it's quiet and the sky is dark too, so it makes one anxious...
Rabi Home Jun1-16
After this rain ends summer will come.
Rabi Home Jun2-16
July Japan's summers are too hot...
Rabi Home Jul1
I want to go to the sea and do long-distance swimming, mind accompanying me?
Rabi Home Jul2
August Japan's festivals are lively... The Goldfish scooping game looks fun.
Rabi Home Aug1
The lingering gunpowder smell after fireworks end gives me a feeling of loneliness...
Rabi Home Aug2
September The full moon is beautiful... Look, over there.
Rabi Home Sep1
I'd like to go buy fall clothes, would you like to join me?
Rabi Home Sep2
October Trick or treat! Is it alright if I prank you?
Rabi Home Oct1
I gathered chestnuts, but removing the inside is difficult.
Rabi Home Oct2
November Cold days continue... They don't bother me because I'm used to the cold.
Rabi Home Nov1
"The autumn breeze" are beautiful-sounding words.
Rabi Home Nov2
December I've prepared a present for you.
Rabi Home Dec1
Thanks for the hard work during this past year. Please support me next year too.
Rabi Home Dec2

EditIb Rabi's Cards
R/RR Rabi R (Second Batch) Rabi R
SR/UR Rabi SR (Second Batch) Rabi SR (Flower Viewing Scout) Rabi SR (Pool Scout) Rabi SR (Amusement Park Scout) Rabi SR (Valentine's Day 2017 Scout) Rabi SR (Pilot Scout) Rabi SR (Miraieigo Cheers) Rabi SR (Mermaid Scout) Rabi SR
LE/GR Rabi LE (Reading Week Scout) Rabi LE (1st Anniversary Scout) Rabi LE (BAD BOY! BAD DAY!) Rabi LE (Circus Scout) Rabi LE (New Year 2017 Scout) Rabi LE (TOYBOX Scout) Rabi LE (2nd Anniversary Scout) Rabi LE (Lullaby of ice) Rabi LE (X'mas 2017 Scout) Rabi LE

(Chinese Zodiac Scout) Rabi LE (Kaze no ashiato, kazaguruma) Rabi LE (1st Birthday Scout) Rabi LE (3rd Anniversary Scout) Rabi LE (Halloween 2018 Scout) Rabi LE (Detective Scout) Rabi LE (I-Chu x Hello Kitty Scout) Rabi LE

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