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Runa Kagurazaka
Kagurazaka Runa
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"Though I'm in my female guise right now, don't forget that I'm still a guy..."
Aliases Kaguya
• Characteristics•
Gender ♂ Male
Age 15
Blood Type A
Birthday November 11
Height 5'2" or 159 cm
Weight 47 kg
• Professional Information•
Unit Pop 'N Star
Position Member
• Additional Information•
Family Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Hobby Clay pigeon shooting
Fave Food Crepes
LeastFave Food Liver
• Portrayal•
CV Amasaki Kouhei
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Runa Kagurazaka (神楽坂ルナ Kagurazaka Runa) is one of the main characters in I-Chu. He is a part of the Idol Unit, POP'N STAR, who was the fifth to be introduced in the game.
Runa was released on 11/26/15.

Profile Description Edit

A reliable cute boy who is accomplished in various fields. Because his parents are engaged in the political world, he had been taught to be well-mannered since a tender age. He actually hid the fact that he worked as an idol from his father. He became an idol because his childhood friend, Kokoro, invited him. His real name is written Tsuki Kagurazaka (神楽坂月).


  • Make a simple self introduction
    • I'm Runa Kagurazaka. I have several concerns regarding me crossdressing to do idol activities, but I'll be happy if you will support me. Please treat me favorably.
  • How did you become an idol?
    • It was because Kokoro invited me. I can't possibly turn down Kokoro's requests, after all. You'll also understand if you get asked in such a cute manner... right?
  • Your impression upon meeting the other members?
    • Momosuke is a scatterbrain, so I can't let my eyes off of him... Aah! Even as we talked, there he goes tripping on his feet! Good grief... what a hopeless child.

Personality Edit

Runa isn't completely open to being a cross-dresser and has quite a few minor issues with being one. But because he is good friends with Kokoro Hanabusa, he accepted the invitation to become one and now has taken an interest in seeing how far he can go. Since Momosuke Oikawa is also facing similar difficulties and due to Runa's nature, he is often helping and supporting the other third generation member in his group. In addition, while Runa has quite a feminine outwards appearance, his personality is unmistakably that of a somewhat assertive boy. He always seems to be chuckling or laughing quietly at something and seems to be the type to believe in the occult. As one of the third generation I-chus in his group, he is still depending on his upper classmen, but his diligent and independent nature ensures that he will rise to the older generations' level and perhaps succeed them.

Appearance Edit

Runa is a rather short, teenage boy that cross-dresses as a girl, and looks like one. He has long, semi-wavy light blue hair that reaches down just below his waist, and bangs that reach the top of his eyes. His hair is parted on the right side. The sides of his face are framed by two long bangs. His eyes are a pinkish-plum color. He has fair skin.

EditPop 'N Star Runa Kagurazaka's Cards
R/RR Runa Kagurazaka R (Second Batch) Runa Kagurazaka R
SR/UR Runa Kagurazaka SR (Second Batch) Runa Kagurazaka SR (June Bride Scout) Runa Kagurazaka SR (Phantom Thief vs Police Scout) Runa Kagurazaka SR (Pool Scout) Runa Kagurazaka SR (Part-time Job 2017 Scout) Runa Kagurazaka SR (Momoiro Momoi-kun no koiwazurai) Runa Kagurazaka SR (White Day 2018 Scout) Runa Kagurazaka SR (Aquarium Scout) Runa Kagurazaka SR (Summer Festival 2018 Scout) Runa Kagurazaka SR
LE/GR Runa Kagurazaka LE (Valentine's Day Scout) Runa Kagurazaka LE (1st Anniversary Scout) Runa Kagurazaka LE (Tsuigeki! Killer Sniper) Runa Kagurazaka LE (Cultural Festival Scout) Runa Kagurazaka LE (New Year 2017 Scout) Runa Kagurazaka LE (Grandmaster Scout) Runa Kagurazaka LE (Children's Day Scout) Runa Kagurazaka LE (1st Oshinobi Date) Runa Kagurazaka LE (2nd Anniversary Scout) Runa Kagurazaka LE

(Yuugana mujintou e youkoso) Runa Kagurazaka LE (Halloween 2017 Scout) Runa Kagurazaka LE (1st Birthday Scout) Runa Kagurazaka LE (Amusement Park 2017 Scout) Runa Kagurazaka LE (POP'N STAR Live Commemoration Scout) Runa Kagurazaka LE (Music Award Scout) Runa Kagurazaka LE (Forbidden Garden) Runa Kagurazaka LE (3rd Anniversary Scout) Runa Kagurazaka LE (2nd Birthday Scout) Runa Kagurazaka LE (Detective Scout) Runa Kagurazaka LE

(X'mas 2018 Scout) Runa Kagurazaka LE (Akai Ribbon ga musubu yume) Runa Kagurazaka LE (I★Chu Best Manager 2018 Celebratory Special POP'N STAR Scout) Runa Kagurazaka LE (4th Anniversary Scout) Runa Kagurazaka LE

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