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"Aah, I really love you love you love you love you love you love you love you love you love you love you love you love you so much♥"
Aliases Saku
• Characteristics•
Gender ♂ Male
Age 26
Blood Type B
Birthday May 16th
Height 5'11" or 181 cm
Weight 68 kg
• Professional Information•
Unit Alchemist logo
Position Member
• Additional Information•
Family Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Two Unnamed Sisters
Hobby Searching for Idol Otaku Merchandise
Fave Food Parfait
LeastFave Food Coriander
• Portrayal•
CV Kōtarō Nishiyama
Saku Uruha Signature
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Saku Uruha (麗朔空 Uruha Saku) is one of the main characters in I-Chu. He is a part of the Idol Unit, Alchemist, which was the ninth to be introduced in the game.

Profile Description Edit

A man who became an idol in order to get closer to the producer. He's incredibly obsessed with the producer and thinks of every I-Chu as his enemy. He always acts like a stalker towards the producer.

Personality Edit

Saku has been following the producer around ever since her time as an idol. He's considered a "stalker-fan", having a collection of the producer's CDs, photos, and even her hair. Even his fellow Alchemist group mates say he's a pervert and stalker, though he calls himself "Producer's Knight".

Though he is nothing but kind and enthusiastic to the producer, he's often hostile to the rest of the I-chus, especially if they try to keep him away from the producer. The exception to this are the members of POP'N STAR, whom he doesn't seem to see as a threat. He's also quite friendly to the I-chu who fanboy over the producer with him.

Appearance Edit

Saku has feathery blond hair that goes past the nape of his neck. His bangs are long, falling across his left eye. He has dark orange eyes with slit irises and pointed brows.

Lines Edit

Character Lines
Scout and Idolizing
Scout I came to see you, Producer-chan!
Saku Scout
Idolizing I have become Producer-chan's type of man.
Saku Idolize
Regular My name is Saku Uruha! I have aaaalways been watching you! We finally met!
Saku Home Reg1
Aren't those idiots in Lancelot getting too ahead of themselves just because they're the same age as Producer-chan?
Saku Home Reg2
If someone dares hit my Producer-chan...I won't forgive them, you know?
Saku Home Reg3
To think that I can stay by Producer-chan's side from now on...Fufu.
Saku Home Reg4
Baber has a brother complex. There's no way he would fall for you, so no need to worry♪
Saku Home Reg5
A towel and a glow stick...Alright! Time to go to the live!
Saku Home Reg6
Ah, I really love you. I love you love you love you love you love you! Producer-chan...
Saku Home Reg7
POP'N STAR is the cutest! My idol-obsessed blood is riled up~!
Saku Home Reg8
If Kuro hurts you, I'll be the one to comfort you, so don't worry, ok?
Saku Home Reg9
I love you so so much that I couldn't bear it and ran after you.
Saku Home Reg10
Now that UJ-kun has arrived my distance with her has grown...! File:Saku Home Reg11.ogg
You're the cutest when you're tiering on events too...
Saku Home Event1
Good job with the event! I will heal your tiredness~ Fufu ♪
Saku Home Event2
Morning! Fufu, your sleepy face is as cute as I thought! File:Saku Home Morning.ogg
It's noon~ What're you having for lunch today, Producer-chan? File:Saku Home Afternoon.ogg
Good work. I was waiting for you fooooooreverrrrrr. It’s a pretty sunset. File:Saku Home Evening.ogg
Can I stay by your side until you fall asleep? Your sleepy breathing, your sleeping face... Aaah, thy're all so lovely! File:Saku Home Night.ogg
January I love it when you exist in front of me. File:Saku Home 3Jan1.ogg
I- I can enter the kotatsu with you?! I'm the happiest man ever! File:Saku Home 3Jan2.ogg
The first sunrise of the year can wait, right now the most important this is the first visit to Producer-chan! I came to meet you right on New year's day! File:Saku Home 3Jan3.ogg
February May I receive Honmei Choco from Producer-chan ♪ File:Saku Home 3Feb1.ogg
Here it comes, here it comes, here it comes! Ufufu...! The Scotty-chan GR! File:Saku Home 3Feb2.ogg
March The flower viewing was amazing! In particular... Pfff! Kuro's Otaku dance was the best!
Saku Home 3Mar1
I went to eat the new "Storm of spring at full bloom" parfait!
Saku Home 3Mar2
Producer-chan, light up my lamp!
Saku Home 3Mar3
I- I'm eating your love, right? Fufu, fufufufufufu... This is the best!
Saku Home 3Mar4
Make sure to fill your stomach with my love. Happy White Day.
Saku Home 3Mar5
April A mask is so nice~ I'm going to ask Baber to make me a pink checkered mask.
Saku Home 3Apr1
An old picture of Producer-chan surrounded by flowers!... And Kuro.
Saku Home 3Apr2
I hate you P... I can't! I love you too much!
Saku Home 3Apr3
May Since I have two sisters, my family gave more importance to Hinamatsuri.
Saku Home 3May1
A certain NEET keeps lazing around, he's such an eyesore~
Saku Home 3May2
Kashiwamochi are sweet and tasty, but nothing can beat parfaits! File:Saku Home 3May3.ogg
June Producer-chan, you forgot your umbrella, didn't you? Here you go ♪ File:Saku Home 3Jun1.ogg
I'm currently simulating a wedding with Producer-chan ♪ File:Saku Home 3Jun2.ogg
July This shell would definitely suit you~! Don't you think so too? File:Saku Home 3Jul1.ogg
P- Producer-chan's legs?! A- A sight for sore eyes! File:Saku Home 3Jul2.ogg
I'm Hikoboshi, while Producer-chan is Orihime-sama ♪ File:Saku Home 3Jul3.ogg
August I bought Producer-chan's favorite apple candy! File:Saku Home 3Aug1.ogg
No matter how hot it is, if I go to the school I can meet Producer-chan! File:Saku Home 3Aug2.ogg
September Autumn... I'm looking forward to Producer-chan's Autumn Collection outfits~ File:Saku Home 3Sep1.ogg
Eva-kun and Baber are doing a marionette theatre so I'm helping them out~ File:Saku Home 3Sep2.ogg
October Kuro must be enjoying himself at the ramen festival right now... File:Saku Home 3Oct1.ogg
I want to see Producer-chan wearing a Gakuran!! File:Saku Home 3Oct2.ogg
Fufu, are you perhaps looking forward to my pranks? File:Saku Home 3Oct3.ogg
November I wonder if Producer-chan used the heating pad that I left on her desk? File:Saku Home 3Nov1.ogg
Phew! That club was amazing! Having party friends is so fun~ File:Saku Home 3Nov2.ogg
December Producer-chan! Ride the lift with me! A two-seater! File:Saku Home 3Dec1.ogg
Baber, wasn't it nice to receive presents? I wonder if this is Kuro-Santa's doing~? File:Saku Home 3Dec2.ogg
It's Uruha-Santa, only for you ♪ Let's spend a sweet night. Of course, just the two of us? File:Saku Home 3Dec3.ogg
Spending the last day of this year by Producer-chan's side is the best. File:Saku Home 3Dec4.ogg
Start Menu I-Chu! File:Saku Start Menu.ogg
Download I want to monopolize you all for myself.
Saku Download
Story You look so cute when you're choosing a story, too. File:Saku Story.ogg
Main Story Shall we choose what to read together?
Your fingers when choosing a chapter are so beautiful.... File:Saku Main Story2.ogg
Love Story A love story between me and Producer-chan....Fufufu... File:Saku Love Story1.ogg
....Fufufu, come on, let's read it. File:Saku Love Story2.ogg
Shop Producer-chan! Let's go on a shopping date together♪ File:Saku Shop.ogg
Disk Purchase Is it alright if I choose something that would suit you? I want to dye you in my colors.
Friend Those are your friends? Don't you think being friends with just me is better? File:Saku Friend.ogg
Other If you're troubled, then rely only on me, okay....?
During Lives
1st Skill Lines
R/RR Start Can't you see me from the audience seats?
Saku RRR Start
Skill My body is getting fired up!
Saku RRR Skill1
Don't take your eyes away♥
Saku RRR Skill2
Spinning towel~!
Saku RRR Skill3
Clear Did I look cool?
Saku RRR Clear
Affection Gain Your hot gaze... I'm feeling it!
Saku RRR AffectGain
SR/UR Start Should I show you the skill of an expert~?
Saku SRUR Start
Skill I'll monopolize her gaze.
Saku SRUR Skill1
My love can't be stopped!
Saku SRUR Skill2
Shutter chance!
Saku SRUR Skill3
Clear Compared to the other guys, I was better, right?
Saku SRUR Clear
Affection Gain Say that you like me... Please, please!
Saku SRUR AffectGain
LE/GR Start Look at me from the stage side, always...
Saku LEGR Start
Skill Ahh, Producer-chan, I love you!
Saku LEGR Skill1
I'll give her a ro - man - ce~
Saku LEGR Skill2
You can shake your glowsticks more, right?
Saku LEGR Skill3
Clear ...Hahh, hahh, awesome!
Saku LEGR Clear
Affection Gain My love with you will go up...! Ufufufu...!
Saku LEGR AffectGain
2nd Skill Lines
SR/UR Skill You're still not swinging your arms enough!
Saku SRUR2 Skill1
Since you made me serious, I'll give you a RE-WA-RD ♪
Saku SRUR2 Skill2
Aaah, Kuro and Baber are really fired up.
Saku SRUR2 Skill3
LE/GR Skill AAAH! Producer-chan is looking at me!
Saku LEGR2 Skill1
Party People Night! Let's fire up this night too![1]
Saku LEGR2 Skill2
I like you like you like you, I love you!!
Saku LEGR2 Skill3
3rd Skill Lines
SR/UR Skill
LE/GR Skill
Old Homepage lines
2nd Monthly Lines
January Happy New Year! Producer-chan's dressed up in fine clothes... Fufu.
Saku Home 2Jan1
I will take a lot of Producer-chan's photos this year, too!
Saku Home 2Jan2
February Bad bugs approaching my girlfriend are outside~ Producer-chan is inside~
Saku Home 2Feb1
Won't Producer-chan give me her chocolate? Hey, hey, hey.
Saku Home 2Feb2
March Producer-chan's spring clothes are so cute~! Long live the spring!
Saku Home 2Mar1
Spring finally came. The back of her house was really cold~
Saku Home 2Mar2
April Huh? I can't give up on Producer-chan, even as a lie! It's impossible!
Saku Home 2Apr1
Maybe I should take Producer-chan away together with these cherry blossoms~
Saku Home 2Apr2
May Baber's been staring at a koinobori for a while, is it that fun?
Saku Home 2May1
Even if it's not summer, there are still UV rays. Can I apply sunscreen on your body?
Saku Home 2May2
June Ahh, I don't like rainy season. Her pictures that I hang in my room will become humid now...
Saku Home 2Jun1
If I steal Producer-chan's umbrella, I wonder if I can share it with her... Fufu.
Saku Home 2Jun2
July Producer-chan wearing a yukata, her neck showing... This is the best...!
Saku Home 2Jul1
On Tanabata I wished for eternal love with Producer-chan ♪
Saku Home 2Jul2
August I'd like to invite her to the festival though... Lancelot is interfering~...
Saku Home 2Aug1
I wonder if Kuro absorbs the sunlight. Being next to Kuro is hot...
Saku Home 2Aug2
September Hanabusa-san's birthday live was the best!
Saku Home 2Sep1
A sports festival. Producer-chan wearing a gym uniform would be so...Fufu, fufufu.
Saku Home 2Sep2
October You don't need to give me sweets, so just let me play a prank on you!
Saku Home 2Oct1
Producer-chan in a Halloween costume would be too good...I have to take pics.
Saku Home 2Oct2
November Now that it got colder, waiting for goods sales is difficult.
Saku Home 2Nov1
Producer-chan's singing voice is so beautiful~ I keep listening to it on repeat.
Saku Home 2Nov2
December This year, the number of Producer-chan's photos has increased so much... Fufufufufu.
Saku Home 2Dec1
Let's spend Christmas together this year too, Producer-chan.
Saku Home 2Dec2
1st Monthly Lines

Notes Edit

  1. Reference to the Party People Scout

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