Tenjou Tenge logo
"With a majestic air, they focus as they pass through the audience to the stage of Japan in front of them!"
Name 天上天下
Pronounced as Tenjyou Tenge
Music Genre Japanese-style melody x Majestic music
Artist ここかなた
(Coco Kanata)
Leader Tsubaki Rindo
Member Toya Honoki
Member Tatsumi Madarao
Member Aoi Kakitsubata
Manager Atsushi Munakata

Majestic Traditional Japanese Idols!
A unit of 4 members whose special trait is the traditional japanese instruments used in their songs! To match the songs they have traditional japanese costumes too and they use fans and the like on their choreographies.

They were released on 9/30/15.

Misc. facts Edit

  • The name "Tenjyou Tenge" is a Yojijukugo, or a four word idiogram. Tenjyou Tenge basically means "the whole world; throughout heaven and earth"1

Songs Edit

Kachou Fuugetsu Hokori Takaki Aru Tame ni Izayoi no Sora Hana to chiruran
We are ICHU! Tenjyou Tenge Yurayurari Yonaoshi Ninja Koyoi café de ahimashou
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