Regular LinesEdit

Character Lines
Scout and Idolizing
Scout To be able to summon the great me[1], such a great summon!
The great me will stand on stage!
Torahiko Scout

Torahiko Scout2
Idolizing Nishishi![2] My drawings have also improved!
Torahiko Idolize
Regular Torahiko Kusakabe! I'm going off on a journey!
Torahiko Home Reg1
What kind of animals should I draw today~
Torahiko Home Reg2
Nishishi! I will become a free idol!
Torahiko Home Reg3
Last time when I was on a journey I was chased by the police. It was really bad~
Torahiko Home Reg4
Kyosuke! Make my journey records into a manga!
Torahiko Home Reg5
Akio, is your sister scary too? My elder sister is incredibly scary...
Torahiko Home Reg6
Shiki! Give me a pot! I just caught a bug and want to put it inside!
Torahiko Home Reg7
Why does Hikaru always turn round and around a lot?
Torahiko Home Reg8
Raku, let's paint together! You did bring the brush, right?
Torahiko Home Reg9
Lucas is a stoic guy!
Torahiko Home Reg10
I'll draw art on Airu's megaphone! File:Torahiko Home Reg11.ogg
There's an event going on! I'm pretty excited! Nishishi!
Torahiko Home Event1
You made this event the funniest! Thank you!
Torahiko Home Event2
Hey-! Are you up!? I stayed up all night painting! File:Torahiko Home Morning.ogg
I'm hungry! What did you put in your bento today? File:Torahiko Home Afternoon.ogg
Good work, Producer! Rest well! File:Torahiko Home Evening.ogg
Today was fun! Let's go to sleep together! File:Torahiko Home Night.ogg
Start Menu I-Chu!
Torahiko Start Menu
Download I can't wait! Let me go on a trip for a little bit!
Torahiko Download
Story Choose your favorite story, okay?
Torahiko Story
Main Story You can read it freely! Nishishi!
Choose the chapter you like!
Torahiko Main Story2
Love Story Love stories? Let's read them together!
Torahiko Love Story1
Since our journey begins now, let's go!
Torahiko Love Story2
Shop If you want to shop, it's right here!
Torahiko Shop
Disk Purchase It's good to look for useful things!
Friend Friend's information is here.
Torahiko Friend
Other Seems like you can do a lot of things.
During Lives
1st Skill Lines
R/RR Start I will go anywhere!
Torahiko RRR Start
Skill Damn it!
Torahiko RRR Skill1
Torahiko RRR Skill2
Torahiko RRR Skill3
Clear I still haven't drawn enough!
Torahiko RRR Clear
Affection Gain Next time I will draw your portrait.
Torahiko RRR AffectGain
SR/UR Start Inspiration gushing forth!
Torahiko SRUR Start
Skill The arts are exploding!
Torahiko SRUR Skill1
Not enough drawings!
Torahiko SRUR Skill2
Artist Time!
Torahiko SRUR Skill3
Clear This is gonna become a motif.
Torahiko SRUR Clear
Affection Gain Let's go on a journey together!
Torahiko SRUR AffectGain
LE/GR Start Time to show off an artistic live!
Torahiko LEGR Start
Skill *Humming sounds*
Torahiko LEGR Skill1
Shall we draw together?
Torahiko LEGR Skill2
I can do whatever I want, right!?
Torahiko LEGR Skill3
Clear Now I'm going to leave for a journey!
Torahiko LEGR Clear
Affection Gain "Love", what kind of shape would you give it?
Torahiko LEGR AffectGain
2nd Skill Lines
SR/UR Skill Let's go at our own pace!
Torahiko SRUR2 Skill1
My urge to create is rising!
Torahiko SRUR2 Skill2
I'll draw when I want to!
Torahiko SRUR2 Skill3
LE/GR Skill The great tyrant! Appears on stage!
Torahiko LEGR2 Skill1
Dying it colorfully!
Torahiko LEGR2 Skill2
The lights seem like art!
Torahiko LEGR2 Skill3
3rd Skill Lines
SR/UR Skill My emotions are welling up!
Torahiko SRUR3 Skill1
Go go! There!
Torahiko SRUR3 Skill2
You can do more!
Torahiko SRUR3 Skill3
LE/GR Skill ArS Red! Appearing freely!
Torahiko LEGR3 Skill1
Can you see my gallant figure?
Torahiko LEGR3 Skill2
I'll support you when you're stumbling!
Torahiko LEGR3 Skill3
  1. Torahiko uses ore-sama which is an incredibly pompous way to call himself.
  2. Torahiko's trademark laughter.

Monthly LinesEdit

In addition to normal lines (seen above) I-chus each have 2 lines additional that change per month. They may have extras depending on if its a special day, such as April Fools Day, or Valentines day. I-chus also have lines they say during birthdays, which can be seen HERE Monthly lines change after big updates such as the Alchemist (9/27/16 update) and MG9 (3/2/18) updates.

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