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Tsubaki Rindo
Rindō Tsubaki
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"Shut up and just follow me! I’ll take you to see a scenery you’ve never seen before"
Aliases Tsubaki
• Characteristics•
Gender ♂ Male
Age 21
Blood Type AB
Birthday August 7th
Height 6'1" or 186 cm
Weight 64 kg
• Professional Information•
Unit Tenjou Tenge logo
Position Leader
• Additional Information•
Family Motonari (Father)
Unnamed Step-Mother
Kanna (Step-sister)
Hobby Soccer
Fave Food Nabemono
LeastFave Food Shellfish
• Portrayal•
CV Ono Yuuki
Tsubaki Rindo Signature
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Tsubaki Rindo (竜胆椿 Rindō Tsubaki) is one of the main characters in I-Chu. He is a part of the Idol Unit, Tenjyou Tenge, which was the eighth to be introduced in the game.

Profile Description Edit

A pompous older brother figure who strictly keeps to himself and his beliefs. He always has self-confidence in all that he does, because he is aware of his abilities. He has a somewhat Do-S surface, as he seems to be more than happy teasing the producer. He has known Toya Honoki since childhood.


  • Make a simple self introduction
    • "I'm Rindo Tsubaki. As the leader of Tenjyou Tenge, I'm highly proud and believe in myself. It'll be fine as long as you guys put your faith in me and follow behind me!"
  • How did you become an idol?
    • "At first it was because the director scouted me, but now I did it for the sake of my female fans! I'll become a worthy idol for you all!"
  • Your impression upon meeting the other members?
    • "Toya is my childhood friend and assistant. My sister and Toya's are also often playing together, so it's almost like we're part of each other's family!"

Personality Edit

Tsubaki is a man who is very confident in himself and his abilities, exemplifying a calm, commanding aura, naturally assuming a leader position and assembling others behind him. Although sometimes he can take on a cocky and condescending attitude making those around him feel inferior, in truth he has a warmhearted and honest personality. He cares for and cheers on those around him- although sometimes in his own way. He's very stuck to traditional Japanese ways, which is most clearly reflected in areas such as his taste in clothes and food.

Appearance Edit

Tsubaki is a well-built man of tall stature. He has slicked back dark brown hair, often times with two strands hanging out in the front. He has yellow eyes.

Voiced Lines Edit

Character Lines
Scout and Idolizing
Scout You have to look only at my back!
Are you the one who will satisfy me?
Tsubaki Scout

Tsubaki Scout2
Idolizing What are you going to do if I become stronger than I already am?
Tsubaki Idolize
Regular I'm Tsubaki Rindo. Men speak with their actions more than their words.
Tsubaki Home Reg1
You're the producer I acknowledged. Have more pride in yourself!
Tsubaki Home Reg2
Remember that the moment you underestimate yourself, you lose.
Tsubaki Home Reg3
I have something that I can not give up to anyone. Do you understand that?
Tsubaki Home Reg4
I dislike shellfish, while Toya dislikes shrimp. We both dislike seafood!
Tsubaki Home Reg5
Remember the name Tenjyou Tenge!
Tsubaki Home Reg6
Toya and I are childhood friends. He understands me more than anyone.
Tsubaki Home Reg7
There's no sense if you don't follow things through until the end, right?
Tsubaki Home Reg8
If you do not act according to your beliefs there's no meaning.
Tsubaki Home Reg9
Don't be afraid of failing. In football too, if you don't shoot there's no meaning, right?
Tsubaki Home Reg10
So you're good at dancing, Munakata? Show me what you can do. File:Tsubaki Home Reg11.ogg
An event has started. Don't hurry or you'll trip and get injured!
Tsubaki Home Event1
Well done with the event. Make sure to rest plenty today.
Tsubaki Home Event2
Morning. Let's have breakfast so get changed quickly. File:Tsubaki Home Morning.ogg
Lunch, huh. What's today's side dishes? File:Tsubaki Home Afternoon.ogg
Hey, let’s go home together. You've worked hard all day. File:Tsubaki Home Evening.ogg
Good night. I'll stay by your side until you fall asleep. File:Tsubaki Home Night.ogg
January For new year's my house always does a mochi pounding competition. My mochi is delicious, y'know? File:Tsubaki Home 3Jan1.ogg
The hand and lip cream is so slippery, I hate it. File:Tsubaki Home 3Jan2.ogg
Happy new year. Shall we do our first temple visit of the year and drink some sake while at it? File:Tsubaki Home 3Jan3.ogg
February I received chocolate from Kanna with "Tsuba-nii I love you" written on top... Oh god, I'm about to cry. File:Tsubaki Home 3Feb1.ogg
The forest wrapped in snow makes for a wonderful scenery. File:Tsubaki Home 3Feb2.ogg
March Hey! Let's go play some soccer since it's gotten warmer!
Tsubaki Home 3Mar1
What if we do a night live surrounded by the cherry blossoms? That's a possibility!
Tsubaki Home 3Mar2
Until what age did you celebrate Hinamatsuri?
Tsubaki Home 3Mar3
Thank you for the chocolate. Of course, this is Honmei, right?
Tsubaki Home 3Mar4
Producer, here's my return gift. Treat this bracelet with care.
Tsubaki Home 3Mar5
April I lied to Toya once in the past and went through hell. He's the only one I won't lie to.
Tsubaki Home 3Apr1
Drinking sake and relaxing on the veranda isn't so bad. Want to join me too?
Tsubaki Home 3Apr2
Rindo speaking. I'll charge into the enemy base! Follow me!
Tsubaki Home 3Apr3
May Eating hotpot during this season isn't bad either. Let's see, what hotpot should I prepare this time?
Tsubaki Home 3May1
May is easy to pass. Wanna do some running together?
Tsubaki Home 3May2
Children's day, huh... I hope Kanna is doing well... File:Tsubaki Home 3May3.ogg
June Some hydrageas were blooming at the school entrance. It reminded me of the garden in my house... File:Tsubaki Home 3Jun1.ogg
Producer, let me under your umbrella. File:Tsubaki Home 3Jun2.ogg
July We'll play watermelon splitting! Alright! Is everyone ready?! File:Tsubaki Home 3Jul1.ogg
The end of an outdoor live needs fireworks, doesn't it? File:Tsubaki Home 3Jul2.ogg
So that's the Milky Way. It really looks like a river. File:Tsubaki Home 3Jul3.ogg
August Tatsumi, why did you suddenly say you want to go out and play? Just what happened? File:Tsubaki Home 3Aug1.ogg
When I light sparklers, I think, "Summer is almost over, huh." File:Tsubaki Home 3Aug2.ogg
September Sake and tsukimi dangos made by Toya. This is all I need for moon viewing! File:Tsubaki Home 3Sep1.ogg
To think I, the magistrate of hotpot, would fall behind the other two… Wait isn't this too spicy?! File:Tsubaki Home 3Sep2.ogg
October Tatsumi and Aoi are fighting again? Just shows how close they are. File:Tsubaki Home 3Oct1.ogg
Look, the mountain is dyed in red. It looks like Tatsumi! File:Tsubaki Home 3Oct2.ogg
Do you want my candy too, Producer? File:Tsubaki Home 3Oct3.ogg
November The floor here looks strange... Ah, it's Satsuki's doing. As they say, let sleeping dogs lie. File:Tsubaki Home 3Nov1.ogg
Hey, Producer. Temperatures are dropping so make sure to wear more clothes. File:Tsubaki Home 3Nov2.ogg
December What gift should I get for Kanna... File:Tsubaki Home 3Dec1.ogg
Hot pot tastes better during winter! File:Tsubaki Home 3Dec2.ogg
I have a gift for you. It's Christmas today, right? File:Tsubaki Home 3Dec3.ogg
Great job this year. I'll make the next one a good year too. File:Tsubaki Home 3Dec4.ogg
Start Menu I-Chu!
Tsubaki Start Menu
Download Wait for just a little bit, okay?
Tsubaki Download
Story You should freely choose the story that you like!
Tsubaki Story
Main Story Choose a chapter!
I'm interested in this too!
Tsubaki Main Story2
Love Story You want to try love? Then you should have asked me for consultation from the beginning right?
Tsubaki Love Story1
Even if you wanted to go to some other guy's place I wouldn't let you escape...
Tsubaki Love Story2
Shop This is the shop.
Tsubaki Shop
Disk Purchase Let's quickly decide on what you want to buy!
Friend If it's about friend's information then it's here!
Tsubaki Friend
Other If you're ever in trouble you can rely on me, or come here!
During Lives
1st Skill Lines
R/RR Start Match my rhythm properly!
Tsubaki RRR Start
Skill This is my power!
Tsubaki RRR Skill1
Not yet!
Tsubaki RRR Skill2
Don't give up!
Tsubaki RRR Skill3
Clear What, that was too easy!
Tsubaki RRR Clear
Affection Gain I got a better opinion of you now!
Tsubaki RRR AffectGain
SR/UR Start Alright, let's enjoy ourselves!
Tsubaki SRUR Start
Skill Is that it?
Tsubaki SRUR Skill1
You haven't gotten serious yet, right?
Tsubaki SRUR Skill2
That's a nice rhythm!
Tsubaki SRUR Skill3
Clear There's still the encore!
Tsubaki SRUR Clear
Affection Gain Nice, just like that!
Tsubaki SRUR AffectGain
LE/GR Start Let's give them the best concert they've ever seen!
Tsubaki LEGR Start
Skill One more!
Tsubaki LEGR Skill1
As expected of us!
Tsubaki LEGR Skill2
Not bad!
Tsubaki LEGR Skill3
Clear Let's go at it again!
Tsubaki LEGR Clear
Affection Gain Not enough, not enough yet
Tsubaki LEGR AffectGain
2nd Skill Lines
R/RR Skill Show me your motivation!
Tsubaki RRR2 Skill1
I got in the swing!
Tsubaki RRR2 Skill2
Show me your back!
Tsubaki RRR2 Skill3
SR/UR Skill I'm here.
Tsubaki SRUR2 Skill1
Experience the sound with your whole body...
Tsubaki SRUR2 Skill2
I will teach you the meaning of strongest.
Tsubaki SRUR2 Skill3
LE/GR Skill Come on, cry with a better voice.
Tsubaki LEGR2 Skill1
We can't start without you!
Tsubaki LEGR2 Skill2
I won't stop just yet!
Tsubaki LEGR2 Skill3
3rd Skill Lines
SR/UR Skill Feel our heartbeat!
Tsubaki SRUR3 Skill1
Be prepared today.
Tsubaki SRUR3 Skill2
Don't look away. Keep your eyes on me!
Tsubaki SRUR3 Skill3
LE/GR Skill Tenjyou Tenge makes its appearance!
Tsubaki LEGR3 Skill1
I'll show you my attitude!
Tsubaki LEGR3 Skill2
Let me listen to your voice more.
Tsubaki LEGR3 Skill3
Old Homepage lines
2nd Monthly Lines
January Happy New Year. I'll count on you this year too.
Tsubaki Home 2Jan1
Looking at the snowy landscape while staying in the outdoor hot springs is the best.
Tsubaki Home 2Jan2
February Oh, Toya and Aoi seem to be making some delicious things. Guess I'll go take some.
Tsubaki Home 2Feb1
When it comes to winter it's hotpot! Guys, let's have a hotpot party!
Tsubaki Home 2Feb2
March Toya, Aoi. Here, for White Day. Don't expect too much, 'kay?
Tsubaki Home 2Mar1
This flower viewing has been organized by Tenjyou Tenge. Will you come too?
Tsubaki Home 2Mar2
April April Fools, huh... Okay, time to go tell a lie to Seiya!
Tsubaki Home 2Apr1
Easter, Halloween. Lately the events have been increasing.
Tsubaki Home 2Apr2
May The pond in my house has real koi carps swimming in it, y'know?
Tsubaki Home 2May1
Seiya reminds me of something... Ah, a dog! He's a large-breed dog!
Tsubaki Home 2May2
June As they say, a man is handsome even when drenched, right?
Tsubaki Home 2Jun1
Aoi and Tatsumi are still fighting. Good grief, how do they not get tired of it?
Tsubaki Home 2Jun2
July When you go to the sea the one that gets drenched wins! I'm looking forward to it! Don't hurt yourselves, though!
Tsubaki Home 2Jul1
Singing with the fireworks behind me is wonderful!
Tsubaki Home 2Jul2
August I can feel the summer when I hear the wind bell chimes...
Tsubaki Home 2Aug1
When I was a child there was a time where I took a nap on the veranda and got red because of sunburn.
Tsubaki Home 2Aug2
September Today's Tsukimi was organized by Tenjyou Tenge! We have tons of dangos so have fun!
Tsubaki Home 2Sep1
When you do the Tsukimi you have to drink sake! Toya! Bring the sake over here! Let's drink!
Tsubaki Home 2Sep2
October If you want sweets from me you gotta steal them by force!
Tsubaki Home 2Oct1
A sports festival, huh. How about I'm in the white team, Issei is in the red team, and we organize a cheerleading battle too?
Tsubaki Home 2Oct2
November Hey Tatsumi, are you going to sleep or read books? Choose one.
Tsubaki Home 2Nov1
The season of hotpot is here...
Tsubaki Home 2Nov2
December Great job this year. Keep following me next year too.
Tsubaki Home 2Dec1
I have to become Santa Claus this Christmas for my sister! Keep it a secret from her, okay?
Tsubaki Home 2Dec2
1st Monthly Lines
January If it's cold then move your body more! I'll accompany you if you want to play soccer.
Tsubaki Home Jan1
Please take care of Tenjyou Tenge this year too!
Tsubaki Home Jan2
February Chocolate is not about the taste. It's about the feelings.
Tsubaki Home Feb1
If you have the courage to throw beans at me then go ahead and do it.
Tsubaki Home Feb2
March I think Hinamatsuri is an important event to bring out the Japanese spirit, you know?
Tsubaki Home Mar1
It's still cold outside. Be sure not to let your body get too cold.
Tsubaki Home Mar2
April Toya's lies are quite difficult to find out. He says everything with a serious expression...
Tsubaki Home Apr1
The cherry trees are in full bloom! That gives it a more Japanese feeling!
Tsubaki Home Apr2
May When I was young, I once felt envious of the koi carps floating in the sky. [1]
Tsubaki Home May1
Kashiwamochi, huh. [2] Which do you prefer between koshian and tsubuan? [3]
Tsubaki Home May2
June Without realizing it, half a year has already gone by, huh... I'll be counting on you for the other half too!
Tsubaki Home Jun1-16
It's that time of the year where you gotta change your clothes. It would be nice if they had what you wanted.
Tsubaki Home Jun2-16
July For a woman what's important is how you are inside. No matter how cute of a swimsuit you wear, that doesn't change who you really are.
Tsubaki Home Jul1
The summer festival is one of Japan's true charms.
Tsubaki Home Jul2
August For hot pot, it doesn't matter what season it is! Even if it's hot outside, delicious things are delicious no matter what!
Tsubaki Home Aug1
It's hot only because you think it is. If you clear your mind even the fire becomes they say.
Tsubaki Home Aug2
September Being able to sing with the full moon behind me is the best, isn't it?!
Tsubaki Home Sep1
Summer is soon coming to an end. The changing of seasons is always a bit sad.
Tsubaki Home Sep2
October I enjoy the scent of Matsutake mushrooms. Flavor comes second to the scent.
Tsubaki Home Oct1
Trick or Treat! If you're going to give me sweets then give me Japanese ones.
Tsubaki Home Oct2
November Soon it'll be the time when mountain vegetables taste even more delicious. I'll treat you to a delicious hotpot.
Tsubaki Home Nov1
It's the season of unpleasant cold. Be careful not to catch a cold!
Tsubaki Home Nov2
December This year you did well being able to follow me. Next year we're going a bit harder, okay?
Tsubaki Home Dec1
How would you say "Merry Christmas" in Japanese?
Tsubaki Home Dec2

Notes Edit

  1. He is probably referring to the Koinobori, flags shaped after koi carps that are used on children's day
  2. rice cakes wrapped in oak leaves
  3. types of bean paste

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