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"You're the producer, huh. I heard the story. Ehm... I'm counting on you from now on."
• Characteristics•
Gender ♂ Male
Age 32
Blood Type B
Birthday September 3rd
Height 182 cm
Weight 66 kg
• Professional Information•
Unit MG9 Logo
Position Manager of Alchemist
Full-time lecturer
• Additional Information•
Family Shinji Usami (Father)
• Portrayal•
CV Junta Terashima
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UJ is one of the characters in I-Chu. He is a part of the Manager Unit MG9 and the manager for Alchemist.

Profile Description Edit

Alchemist's manager. Just like Rintaro, he had been studying in the sister school in France. A gentle, friendly and reliable man (except towards Rintaro). While teaching voice training to the I-chu, towards Alchemist... especially Kuro, he acts very gentle. He's also a gentleman who kindly reassures the tired producer.

Personality Edit

Appearance Edit


Character Lines
Scout and Idolizing
Scout I'm here. Sorry for making you wait File:UJ Scout.ogg
Idolizing File:UJ Idolize.ogg
Regular My name is UJ. If there's anything troubling you then rely on me. I'll come to your help. File:UJ Home Reg1.ogg
You want to have a vocal lesson with me? Alright, I'll teach you thoroughly. File:UJ Home Reg2.ogg
Are you curious about my name?... Sorry, I have no intention to tell it to anyone... File:UJ Home Reg3.ogg
It seems your throat isn't doing well. I will prepare a drink for it. File:UJ Home Reg4.ogg
Stalking a woman isn't admirable at all, Saku-kun. File:UJ Home Reg5.ogg
This watch? It's a high-end brand watch. I like collecting watches... File:UJ Home Reg6.ogg
Kuro-kun, if anything happens ask me for help. I will stand by you... File:UJ Home Reg7.ogg
I'll be infected with his stupidity if I talk to him! Who? Kizaki, of course! File:UJ Home Reg8.ogg
... Don't look at me with such sparkly eyes. I'll share the anpan. File:UJ Home Reg9.ogg
! Ah, it's you... Sorry for surprising you. Well then... See you later. File:UJ Home Reg10.ogg
File:UJ Home Reg11.ogg
An event is going on. I will help you, so let's do our best together.
Good job. It's nice that you worked so hard, you impressed me.
Good morning. Looking at your face gives me the energy to work hard today.
Hm? Your sleeping face was so cute, I couldn't help but stay longer to look at it.
January It'll be busy this year. I'll help you out. File:UJ Home Jan1.ogg
The ozoni[1] looks delicious, but I'll have to refrain from it to maintain my figure. File:UJ Home Jan2.ogg
February We received a lot of chocolates. Hm? There's also some for me? File:UJ Home Feb1.ogg
You must be really kind if you're gifting me chocolates. File:UJ Home Feb2.ogg
March I went cherry blossom viewing with Alchemist. They were really beautiful. File:UJ Home Mar1.ogg
June Summer is full of events. You have to build up stamina for those. File:UJ Home Jun1.ogg
File:UJ Home Jun2.ogg
August When it's so hot I always get reminded of him. That's right, that sweltering Kizaki. File:UJ Home Aug1.ogg
File:UJ Home Aug2.ogg
September I prepared a salad by using autumn ingredients. It's healthy and delicious. File:UJ Home Sep1.ogg
File:UJ Home Sep2.ogg
October The school is so lively with all the Halloween preparations. Everyone is having fun. File:UJ Home Oct1.ogg
A werewolf, huh. What if I were to devour you? Just kidding. File:UJ Home Oct2.ogg
November I prepared black tea with honey which is good for the throat. I have some for you too. File:UJ Home Nov1.ogg
File:UJ Home Nov2.ogg
December There's a little more left of this year. I hope work can end well. File:UJ Home Dec1.ogg
Merry Christmas. What kind of present do you want? Whatever your wish is, let's make it come true. File:UJ Home Dec2.ogg
Good job again this year. Let's take it easy until it's over. File:UJ Home Dec3.ogg

Notes Edit

  1. new years soup
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