(Give me My Princess) Shiki Amabe GR 1
• Characteristics•
Age 5 or 12
Birthday October 4th
Height 5'11 or 180cm
• Professional Information•
Unit ArS
Position Render getter
• Additional Information•
Family Sons (Runa, Ban, Tora, Seiya)
Mothers (Shiki, Kuro)
Dad (Junta)
Hobby Sleeping
Image Gallery

im kal and mostly i make idiotic comments in the wiki activity section because i honestly believe myself to be the pinnacle of humor

(Halloween 2017 Scout) Runa Kagurazaka SD Jump
I get renders for the wiki! I like having most of the assets in the game its neato even though i dont do squat with them.I also edit various templates around the wiki heres a list because im an idiot who forgets things, so this is just for me really, and if anyone asks me to do anything else ill do that too. my very small peabrain needs people to tell me what to do! and im always happy to help!!

(2nd Anniversary Scout) Seiya Aido SD Jump

mostly i need help getting renders! if you see that i havent uploaded a render here on the wiki, and you have that card, please tell me!! you can either leave a message on the wall here or dm me on twitter or discord!! (Visemar#4129) and ill give you instructions on how to do so! (if you're able to idolize the card, please dont do so until you contact me!)

My favs are Runa, Shiki and Ban in that order (regrettable i know, two good boys and shiki) and then right after that come Tora and Seiya tied for fourth because i honestly cannot choose out of those two good boys

(New Year 2018 Scout) Ban Jumonji SD Kiss

I also absolutely adore ars and how stupidly silly they are. i would Die For Them. look at these silly assholes

(4th Anniversary Scout) Shiki Amabe SD Jump(4th Anniversary Scout) Torahiko Kusakabe SD Kiss(4th Anniversary Scout) Kyosuke Momoi SD Walk
(4th Anniversary Scout) Raku Wakaouji SD Kiss(4th Anniversary Scout) Hikaru Orihara SD Jump(4th Anniversary Scout) Akio Tobikura SD Pose

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