aka TatsumiP first and human second

Legend Rare
  • I live in Idol hell
  • I was born on December 7
  • My occupation is Fangirling over a certain heavenly unit
  • I am a mother with lots of troubles cause Tatsumi
(Akaki Honoo no ROCK NIGHT) Tatsumi Madarao GR 2
"If something is wrong it's all Liber's fault"
• Characteristics•
Gender Female
Age 19
Birthday 7th December
Height definitely not smol
Weight Too thin I need to gain weight
• Professional Information•
Unit Tenjyou Tenge
Position Pseudo-translator
• Additional Information•
Family Tatsumi, my everything
Hobby Wasting time and not getting any work done
Fave Food Lasagna
LeastFave Food Bananas
• Portrayal•
CV the worst one
UJ is otome fanservice and I took the fucking bait
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I-it's not like I'm happy that you found me, or anything like that.

—Tatsumi Madarao's scouting line

Ruri, an unfortunate producer that fell in idol hell because of a certain va //coughkennandmaenocough// then fell even deeper in hell because of a certain unit and now can't get out of it

Profile Description Edit

Pseudo-translator that will always have one or two (or three for that matter) grammatical errors when she translates. Usually seen lurking around the wikia and trying to add story chapters every saturday. Her distinctive feature is her undying love towards a certain tsundere redhead that stole her heart. Always ready to make more friends and suffer discuss stuff with them (if you like tenten or lancelot you're sure to have all her love)


  • Make a simple self introduction
    • Heya there! I'm Ruri. I started playing I-Chu when it just released (exactly the 1st july lmao) so I've been suffering in this hell for a long time. Fav unit consists of Tenten (immediately followed by Lancelot) As you may know what I do here is mostly translating and adding missing stuff when needed. Beware tho because the only thing I will ever be willing to translate will be Tenten and Lancelot related.
  • How did you become a producer?
    • I saw a post on tumblr about this game and I have to admit that the va list was what attracted me first.(I have the weakest spot for maeno and kenn. And kakki too) Then I stumbled upon tenten, tatsumi stole my heart, and I ended up being imprisoned in ichu hell forever.
  • Your impression upon meeting the other producers?
    • Anyone who's willing to offer affection story screens is the best person in this whole godforsaken world.

Other Edit

Why was i sleeping why What this wiki does This wiki is the best SOMEONE STAPH SOPHIE LMAO-0 Great job Great job2

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