Violence! 3 (1)
Issei: Because of what?
Producer: (... Why was I having a depressed face? I should be feeling relieved when looking at them taking the rehearsal seriously.)
Issei: You were feeling frustrated.
Producer: Eh?
Issei: I'm saying that you must have felt frustrated that we're continuing the dream that you couldn't make true.
Producer: That's not it....
Issei: Then what is it? Why were you looking at the stage with such a face? You were envious of us, right?
Issei: That's why I'll never approve of you as producer.
Issei: If you understood then go back home. You're in the way of our rehearsal.
Producer: ... You're talking as if you understood everything about me just because I'm being quiet...
Violence! 3 (2)
Issei: You're being quiet because I hit the mark, right?
Producer: What do you even understand about me?! I made a compromise with myself and arrived here...!
Producer: I'm envious. I wanted to shine with my own power too. I wanted to stand on a sparkling stage like you guys!
Producer: But.... Not everyone can stand on that place!
Issei: That's why you gave up and ran away. That's it, right? Someone like you, who gave up halfway, can't teach me anything.
Producer: You're wrong. It's exactly because I failed that I can teach you. I've gone through a pain that you guys haven't experienced yet.
Producer: I know that pain, so I can guide you to your future. I believe that. That's why I chose this road!
Issei: Heeh... So you can make that face too, even though you're always looking prim.
Producer: Todoroki-kun...?
Issei: You know, I don't mind that sore loser side of yours. That piqued my interest since the past, Producer.
Producer: Are you going to call me "Producer"...?
Issei: If you want to be called like that then make me acknowledge you!
Violence! 3 (3)
Issei: We're restarting the rehearsal! Let's do that part once more! A certain someone was feeling down and ruining the mood!
Producer: Ah... He went away.
Producer: (Was he comforting me?)
Producer: (... He's never honest. Well, I'm the same I guess.)
Producer: I have to work hard. So that I can be a producer fitting for them...!
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